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Hubby saw onc. today

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all:

Basketcase wife here again. Just wanted to update y'all what the onc. told Charlie today. He is doing some slight internal bleeding not a lot but enough to push those blood counts down and causing the fatigue and headaches. So tomorrow morning he goes for two units of blood and then tomorrow afternoon to the gastro and will probably have an endoscopy done for sure maybe a colonscopy. I'm trying to stay calm (do you ever reach a point when you don't worry and scare yourself to death? Actually Charlie's the calm one; I'm the one that goes all to pieces) Anyway, onc. told him to definitely get off any ibuprofen which he stopped taking two days ago and now just taking Tylenol extra strength for his headaches. Onc. says getting the blood tomorrow will bring those counts back up and stop the headaches. The little test they do (I'm sure y'all know) to check for blood; the onc. told him if the whole thing turned purple he was going to the hospital; but fortunately just 3 little places around the edge turned purple and since he's not getting the blood till in the morning; obviously he didn't think it was an emergency! Anyway that's all we know for now; keep us in your prayers!

Jan and Charlie Trinks

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Hi Jan,

Glad to hear that it may not be too serious and that the blood will help with the headaches. My wife was always a basket case too, but over time she became the strong one. Sometimes she just didn't know what to do to help me. I had to learn to communicate with her like I never had before and it was hard. I will pray for you and Charlie so hang in there!


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Jan & Charlie,

Nothing but positive thoughts coming your way! Hopefully all is good news for you from here on out.


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janandcharlie, my prayers are with you. Thank you for the update and please keep us posted on the progress.
God Bless,

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Pam M
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I know this is scary - I'd be a wreck in your shoes.

For what it's worth, a "web friend" of mine had to receive blood during treatment. She said the "new" blood made her feel MUCH better very quickly. Hope it works that way for you guys, too.

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