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Jazzy Jan

hopeful girl 1
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When you had the tooth issue while pregnant, did doc give you antibiotics and for what period of time as you mentioned swollen lymph glands.

I am very scared about this because they are not talking about root canal until week of 7/12 and they will be booking me for radiation stuff too, so I will have to coodinate appointments somehow which is probably harder with endodondist.

I am scared to be on antibiotics for so long with a dental infection-the endodondist said when a tooth gets infected that the infection leaks out the bottom of tooth and into bone etc.

Also when I was told to go to emergency room on Sunday for the swollen glands by my doctor's associate when I called the 24 hour number to reach doctor, the hospital did the cat scan and panoramic of tooth. However, while the cat scan was ok for what they were looking for, they found an "incidental" of thyroid nodules. They are going to note that in report which my oncologist will receive copy of and I was told it will be up to my doctor if that needs to be pursued further.
The ER doc said they could possibly just be calcium deposits. I am scared-what is that is cancer spreading? My CA125 number has been doing down from 300 post surgery, to 20, down to 8 after second chemo. But I am scared hearing this. I will ask when I see him tomorrow.
I am scheduled for blood labs, to see my oncologist and have chemo.

Jan, I am really struggling mentally...I am so scared with all of this.


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It has been over 18 yrs and frankly I don't remember. Only thing sticking in my mind is that I was up at night with pain in my jaw area....little in lymph nodes. The latter really wasn't that much just somewhat annoying. If not mistaken, doc gave me some "very mild" med for pain or suggested over the counter type product. Sorry....not more helpful!

I do know we're not to be on antibiotics for many times, but the initial length I'm not sure. I'd be like you just asking docs and following their recommendations.

I love the idea of that CA-125 going down, down and down. That's what you want. Mine started 400 and kept coming down after each infusion until the end it was 3-4. Still in that same range today, 11 months later...yippee!

I can feel your concern with the cancer spreading as we ALL do that thinking. I've done it when had the hip/pelvic pain on and off for 7 months and scan shows nothing. Can only assume arthritis...getting old.

Hope I gave you some help....

((((( hugs ))))) you need this now don't you!!

hopeful girl 1
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I think your hip area is a result of surgery and perhaps the radiation as it wears down the bone-and the hip bone area is where we get that radiation.

Yes, thanks for the encouragement on the CA125-I am hopeful when I get my blood tests in two weeks that it will drop down again. I hope, I hope. Mine were 300 post surgery, dropped to 20 after first chemo and down to 8 after second chemo.
I find your story and others to be very encouraging and you and I seem to have had a similiar path. I too was into working out etc.

I asked my oncologist yesterday about exercise because I still have puffiness in my abs from surgery that has not gone down yet-wasn't sure if yoga was ok etc. He said I have no restrictions-too bad I forgot to bring the forms from the Wellness Center for him to sign, need to be signed to participate in thier free classes-yoga etc.

About the thryoid nodules on CAT scan. He said does not feel is cancer, he said many people have those and played it off-he said we will take a look at it at the end of my treatments.

I did have my my third chemo yesterday-doc did not want to postpone because of my abscessed tooth. He and endodondist agreed to up my penicillin to 500 mg every 6 hours for 3 weeks and then do the tooth-root canal. He did not want me to do now and postpone chemo and did not feel safe to do before chemo because they open up the infection of the tooth and their is risk there. He wants me to wait til I start radiation.
I have an appt 6/29 to meet with radiology doctor to being discussing that process, and so forth. Then after 25 radiations (as I was told so far) I have three more chemos.

I feel good that at least I have completed the first piece-phase 1.


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Congratulations on completing Phase 1 of you chemo. Glad you were able to get that 3rd chemo on Friday. Hope your tooth is feeling better with the increase in the antibiotics. It was a 3 week interval between my chemo and start of radiation treatments. And then 3 weeks after radiation completion before chemo number 4. They want the body to recover before giving the next treatment. I ended up having 28 external radiation treatments. Then had the internal radiation.

Glad your thyroid nodules do not need attention at this time. That should make you feel better. You have had such good results with your CA 125 dropping so much. That is very good news too.

Hope you have a better weekend. You remain in my prayers. In peace and caring.

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010

Thank you Ro

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