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Going for surgery in 3 weeks

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Went to cleveland clinic yesterday am scheduled for surgery the 6 of july after colonoscopy on the 30 of this month Dr wants to check everything out first he said the tumor is size of grapefruit but he thinks he can get it all out then in a few months biopsy my lung and go from there I dont understand why different DRS give so many different

answers but I heard cleveland was really good and the surgeon seems really confident
What I dont understand is when this all started my onc told me surgery wasnt an option now it is" talk about confusing I do trust my onc he sent me to cleveland when chemo stopped working just dont understand the reasoning But the good news is no more chemo hopefully ] any advice anyone has Im all ears or should I say eyes?


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I just want to say I'm praying for you and hope the surgery will go very well.


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Good luck with your surgery. I know you are at a fantastic cancer center and I am sure you will get very good care. Please know that many on this board will be with you to support you. Let us know how things go. I wouldn't worry too much about the doctors with different opinions. Things change and doctors have different levels of experience. My Hubby David was told by two surgeons surgery for his liver was not an option. We went to M D Anderson and got the news we wanted to hear. In March his liver was resected.

Take care of yourself.

Hugs and Healing,

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I want to wish you all the best with your surgery.

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