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RESEARCH GRANTS TO BE AWARDED!!! Let's be heard, ladies.......

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Opportunity is knocking.... I just got this email which announces $50K awards for 5 ovarian and 1 endometrial cancer research grants. I already emailed (see link below) requesting research on UPSC. I suggest that we let them know that we want research on this. And let your doctors know you want there help - maybe they know someone who will apply!!!!!!!! Mary Ann

June 2010

The Gynecologic Cancer Foundation (GCF) is pleased to send you the following link to our booklet, which outlines the research grants and awards that are being offered by the GCF in 2010-2011. The booklet describes the available grants and the application process. Click here to view the 2010-2011 booklet.

GCF is offering five ovarian cancer research grants and one endometrial cancer research grant this year and again will award a prize for outstanding paper by a Fellow presented at the 2011 SGO Annual Meeting on Women's Cancer. GCF also invites previous research grantees to apply for the "Excellence in Ovarian Cancer Research Prize." For the second year, the GCF/Claudia Cohen Research Foundation Prize for Outstanding Gynecologic Cancer Researcher will also be offered.

Of special note this year is the availability of the GCF/National Cancer Institute Scholar's Program.

GCF acknowledges and thanks our generous donors. Through the important research discoveries made possible by GCF research grants, women diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer have opportunities for improved treatments and better outcomes.

GCF is committed to adding research grants for both cervical and endometrial cancer in the future and we invite your assistance.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact GCF at 312-578-1439 or info@thegcf.org.

To view previous grant recipients, click here.

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Mary Ann,

Great information and I'll get on an email, too. Next week meeting with my oncologist and mention to him and see what I can get stirred up with he and patients.

Have to start somewhere as isn't that what happened to the breast-cancer awareness...now look at their coverage and research. We need to be right beside them, don't you all think?


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Cecile Louise
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Nice!! I checked out the website, but am unsure how to get started. Who did you email? Can you give me an idea of what to say? I think this could be the start of something big. Thanks!


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I've been pondering the route to get research going as well. Saw the info yesterday on the winning ways of ovarian ca researchers. Need to determine which research centers/medical centers focus on UPSC. GCF awards the grants -- but someone has to apply!! It's the intellectually curious with focus on this area who would apply -- but first they have to have a reason to care about our cause.

I only noted 2 names associated with uterine/endometrial cancer issues from the funding side. Need to find deep pockets willing to put up money for research on UPSC to make dollars available to GCF to award grants.

So in a sense in must be attacked from two fronts - source/sources with the desire to offer $$s for UPSC research along with researchers with an interest in doing it.

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I'm not sure exactly what is best approach but so far this is what I did.

I emailed the foundation at the address at end of the original post. I just said that I have UPSC and we need research on the rare and aggressive endometrial cancer and that there were many of us here on the ACS discussion board that feel the same way. Maybe this will encourage them to award the grant for UPSC.

I then emailed my two gyn-onc doctors and asked them to pass this on to people that may be doing research - I added that I and others here would be willing subjects.

I think it might be good to email other researchers if we know of them. Maybe looking at research articles on UPSC and getting their names. Maybe others have some ideas. But this is the window of opportunity since the application is due next month.

In reality, I'm sure the researchers have their proposals ready to go. But letting them know that UPSC is something we advocate is at least something we CAN do.

Any other suggestions out there??? Mary Ann

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Mary Ann
I also emailed the GCF noting the lack of available info / research on UPSC. As well, noted that we can only hope following ovarian ca treatment protocols is appropriate and best available treatment options for UPSC due to limited research on this disease. Annie

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I'm bringing this up again. Please take a moment to call or email the gyn cancer foundation about our need for research on UPSC - or anything other endometrial cancer that you want studied.

Maybe our advocacy will encourage them to award in this direction.

See first post for contact info. Thanks. Mary Ann

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I also thought of what can we USPC ladies do to raise money! I thought of Oprah, Dr. Oz, etc.
Perhaps we can get a list together for media and start an email train with friends, etc. to join the email fan.

I can't find how to donate specifically to USPC/and or uterine on the Am.Cancer Society donation site. I have tried to link my donations to this and always must click general.

This might be a start!
Thank you to everyone who has already been working in this area.

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Perhaps you might want to touch base with the gynecologic oncologist mentioned in this 2008 UPSC study abstract (his email address is provided):


He does state that has been difficult to conduct prospective randomized trials for patients with UPSC because of the rare nature of these cancers.

All the best,


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I will email them too. The Gates Foundation has turned us down; they work mostly for poor countries and are not interested in our illness. We can't give up though. We need more exposure too. I wonder about Dr Oz; he has his own show now.


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I just emailed Dr. Naumann. I appreciate the info. You never know - maybe he will continue research in this area. Mary Ann

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