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Magic Mouth Wash Recipe

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Just had my esophagus enlarged from 11mm to 15mm. My gastro guy gave me a prescrition for MMW and also gave me a printed sheet with the ingredients for 100CC. I'm sure this brew varies but it sure does help!

40CC Nystatin
34CC Benadryl Elix
10CC Xylocane
10CC EES 400MG/5CC
6CC Cherry Syrup

1TSP Swish and Swallow

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I think the mixture varies, but does that same job... I know each bottle that I got had a slightly dfferent flavor. One was almost bubblegum flavored, but with the taste not working during that time, it didn't matter a lot, LOL....good stuff for sure.

Kent Cass
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Do agree 100%.


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D Lewis
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Maalox, benadryl, and xlocaine. No idea what it tastes like. By the time I really needed it, the tastebuds were gone. Doc prescribed two full tablespoonfuls per dose, every six hours. I always swished and spit, because I was afraid of too much benadryl per dose.


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I am bringing up this discussion again someone at a cancer support group we went to yesterday recommended the following recipe for helping with mouth sores:

Put it in your mouth and keep on the area that is sore for a few minutes - equal parts:
dye free benadryl

I see Deb's recipe above is very similar except that it also has xlocaine (lidocane).

What are people's advice/suggestions?

Joe is still doing the LGlutamine and we have some other mouth sore stuff from the health food store, but wanted to see what else are the options.


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Holy cow, I could hardly tolerate that stuff before rads. I would think that would burn like crazy. Mine had lidocaine, diaphanhydramine and maalox.

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Glad I didn't have Joe try the listerine ingredient. (I don't use listerine so I have no clue what it's like).

So it sounds like the correct combo is:
diphenhydramine (or benadryl)
lidocaine (which we'll have to get a prescription for I guess).

Interesting too, I wonder if mouth sores from chemo (the suggestion with the listerine was from someone going through colon cancer chemo), is different than the mouth sores as a result of radiation for HNC. Another reason why this discussion board specific to HNC is so helpful to me.


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This morning woke up after my first week of chemo and realized it is time to pull it out and rinse. My problem is it is my throat not my mouth. I guess I will have to swallow the darn stuff.
I agree HNC is so different. I lost my Mama 2 years ago to lung cancer and so much of our treatments are different. Plus she was so strong. I can't believe how hard this is.


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Make sure to shake well or your entire head will be numb for days.

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When I do that, not only does my head feel numb, I also get dizzy!!! Oh, you mean when you shake the bottle, my bad : )

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