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anyone have mets to the brain??

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Ed's recent cat scan showed a tumor in the back of his head, has anyone had mets to the brain and if so, did you do radiation/surgery? Any input would be appreciated>


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Hi Linda, I think I responed to your post about this on another board...but my mom was dx with SCLC w/mets to brain on 3/1. She had over 20 tumors in her brain, so they had to do whole brain radiation not pinpoint. With only 1 tumor surgery or pinpoint may be an option for Ed.

Radiation is nasty stuff, especially whole brain, but it is what it is. Mom tolerated it pretty well, some mild memory loss, which has improved, slowness to find the right word, which has also improved to near normal. She had 12 rounds of WBR.

Take care...

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Two years after chemo/radiation and surgery, esophageal cancer metastasized to my brain. The tumors were discovered following a seizure. Since then I've had three cranitotmies and my share of Cyberknife. Cyberknife is pinpoint very targeted radiation, referred to stereotactic radio surgery. GamaKnife is another type of stereotactic radio surgery.

Neither of these are "whole brain radiation" which radiates the bad tissue and the innocent tissue. I have done everything possible to avoid whole brain radiation. After nearly two years of treatment I am still myself and enjoying life.

Search this forum for more posts about brain metastasis and whole brain radiation. There are some real horror stories when it comes to whole brain radiation. I wish you and your husband all the best.

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