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Loss of Voice

Lena Rose
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Joined: Apr 2010

My husband has almost completely lost his voice-he is 1 week post-treatment. Is this normal? If yes, how long did it take to get your voice back?

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Hi Lena,

Yes, it is pretty normal for our voices to be no more then a whisper after we finish the treatments. I generally didn't answer the phone during this time frame. My wife would answer the phone when she was home. I continued using the baking soda and salt solution and it was about 4-5 weeks after my last treatment that my voice started coming back.

The radaition plays havic on our voice box. I have been told I sound like I did before.

My Best to You Both and Everyone Here

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Same thing with me Lena! I lost my voice about two week's post treatment also. However, it slowly came back after about two week's. I guess this is typical after treatment. Apparently
I was told I sounded as though I had a mouth full of marbles. I am back to my old chatty self now lol!

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My dad has four more rads to go and he sometimes can only talk at a whisper. Then the other days his voice will be almost normal. The doctor told him that it should come back a couple of weeks after completion of treatment.

My dad has jsut started having a lot of pain in his throat. What about your husband did he have this problema and if so how is it now?


Lena Rose
Posts: 73
Joined: Apr 2010

for reassuring me that the whisper is temporary. And yes Kathy, my husband still has a lot of throat and mouth pain, but he's just done with radiation. Apparently it's the gift that keeps on giving.

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Just a little reminder. After we finish our treatments, we continue to " Cook " for several weeks after the last radiation treatment.

My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

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Joined: Feb 2010

I lost my voice the third week of concurrent chemo/rad. I had a tumor right next to the vocal cords was my main culprit. I am 6 months post and I have what seems to be a change in voice that I am hoping will not be permanent.
When I was done( end of NOV) it seemed like my voice was a lot better, but seems to have changed about 4 months after. Sorry I couldn't help you out more. Best Wishes & Prayers

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Lost my voice for a little over a month. Mine still sounds sort of raspy a year later. My speech is better now too. I always sound worse when I first wake up.

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My frog didn't jump out for almost 8 months. I think it's back to normal now. Did worry me for some time but as others have said it seems to be be typical.

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i had a screwed up job by the first doctor,he tried an implant and happen to miss teh tumor on my voice box, that he biopsied and scoped every visit. ls larnxy isn't working, right works fine, rad and chemo finished January 25th, I am now doing hperberic treatments, i've notice some change after 9 days of treatment, i have a voice, but it sounds weak...so it took you eight nonths to finally get some satisfaction back in your voice, and there is still hope maybe for me....i'm worried to death, and totally depressed.....I never thought cancer could kill a person, if not physically, it does it mentally, let me know if any one out there has had a bad onesided larnyx go out, and if it ever kicked back in, there trying to avoid total removal of the voice box, so we wait for the treatments, and I ask the man above for special favors every night...thanks Dennis

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Dennis, my voice went out due to treatment but is back now. I got it back about 3 months after trmnt. It still has times when it doesnt sound right, but at least it is there. If I talk too much, it becomes very deep and male sounding. Try not to give up home. It will get better. I am now 8 months post trmnt. I will be praying for you.
God Bless You friend,

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