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Went to endodondist-need root canal-tooth infected-oncologist wants me to take antibiotics for 3-1/2 weeks until radiation

hopeful girl 1
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Went to endodondist today regarding that tooth and swelling issue. The tooth needs a root canal and is infected, but I have been on pencillin since Thursday night.
The endodontist and my oncologist agreed to bump up my antibiotic (per endondist)to 500 mg four times a day, and hold off for 3-1/2 weeks to do root canal under I start radiation. I am on the sandwiched therapy 3 chemos/radiation/3 chemos and am scheduled for 3rd chemo this Friday. I have a chemo scheduled this Friday and oncologist does not want to delay my chemo (he feels we got started later on my chemo than he wanted because of my long recovery post surgery, stage 3 uterine) and they both agreed I should NOT have root canal done before this Friday-because it is two part-would have to come back following week for second part to finish root cancl-and because when they do root canal they are opening up the infection that is there which is dangerous while on chemo.
I had hoped to get this tooth taken care of this week.

So I am nervous about having to try to "contain" the infection until then. The endodondist is going to mail me a prescription for another antibiotic incase the tooth swells again. My glands are swollen (said is normal for lymph nodes to swell with infection from tooth) but the area around the tooth that was more swollen has gone down quite a bit from the penicillin. But I don't like the way the neck and glands feel heavy and swollen. Plus when I get the chemo it always seems like my glands feel swollen-so I don't want it to feel any worse than it does now.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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My gosh you've got your hands full...not just to worry about treatments, but add on the root canal flaring up. Couldn't be a worst time could it?

I do know during chemo our systems are vulnerable and I did have some tooth issues (minor compared to yours) and my oncologist told me the best time to have the work done...sorry but can't remember as it has been over a year. Our systems are fighting to survive the treatments then add on the infection...double whammy!

I was pregnant with my daughter and had tooth issues, which ended up to be start of root canal. Doc would not do it while pregnant so he did something which relieved the pain. Three months later I had the root canal completed and was fine. And..yes I had lymph nodes a bit inflammed for a week but that was it. For some reason you must really have the infection in many areas. Can't imagine the pain you're in. I'd feel confident about the drugs killing the infection as they are very powerful....worked for me as I couldnt' fix the tooth for months later. I survived!

Happy you have both docs in the picture to give you support and guidance.

Best to you and I feel for you and know you can get thru this rough period.

((((( hugs )))))

hopeful girl 1
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You are always so comforting.

You mentioned a tooth issue while pregnant and that you had something for pain, and swollen lypmh nodes for week. When did lymph nodes swell? Was it right before the end of three month wait period or somewhere in middle? Was yours infected anywhere in that process or just for a week before?

I am scared about waiting more than 3-1/2 weeks. The swelling is very uncomfortable and I am afraid even on penicillin the infection could go crazy as my cell counts drop.

There was a separate swelled area by the tooth which has gone down quite a bit but is still swollen, then glands are swollen as well.

I really feel that we should hold off on the chemo and let me get this done.
I don't want this to turn into a systemic infection that can't be contained once my levels start to drop again after this chemo. I know my oncologist does not want to hold off on chemo or give microscopic cancer cells a chance to grow, as my CA125 numbers have been dropping: post surgery 300, after first chemo 20, after second chemo 8---but I don't want to have a life threatening complication from this tooth infection either.

Plus every time I get chemo, my glands start to feel swollen even before this tooth issue.
So I am afraid they will swell further or too much.

This is all really wearing me down. I am trying so hard to be strong, thru this whole treatment process, but this is another unexpected kink.

I just can't imagine having to deal with this for so much longer and that it won't get out of control. Nothing seems to relieve the discomfort of the swelling and wierd feeling there. Plus everytime I get a chemo I am so scared about side effects. Last time I was tired first few days (tired is ok), constipation, then I had abdominal pains, glands felt swollen, throat and mouth felt irritated etc and then this tooth ordeal.

hopeful girl 1
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Did they give you antibiotics also to hold off?

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I wonder why the dentist or doctor do not give you an antibiotic shot.
The shots work so much faster than pills which take longer to get in the system. If you continue to have problems you might want to ask if you can get an antibiotic shot.

Hope all goes well for you with your third chemo on Friday. Remember the hard card to suck on and to drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated. Is the other side of face less swollen? I hope so. In peace and caring.

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