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Tell me if this is Normal???

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Hello....I'm back again :-)

Dencil continues to do fine....He is now taking
1/2 levitra daily and has not been able to have a
firm erection yet... he is a little over 6 wks out
from prostectomy.
he has been able to climax after stimulation and
actually had ejaculate... which surprised us both,
as we understood that there would be no ejaculate
after prostectomy ...and he had the turp before that

so whats up with this? Has anyone experienced anything

happy wednesday to everyone~~~~

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I too have had fluid...I will be asking my urologist on my next planned visit Sept 8th. My personal opinion is that it's what's known as pre-*** but I am mistified how that could be manufactured unless that comes from the testies. I will find out.

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Glad to hear the Dencil continues to improve. Six weeks post surgery is still very early to expect much on the erection front. Just keep up with the pills, the stimulation etc. Of course also seek input from his Doctor.

I've heard of men ejaculating urine on climax after prostectomy. Will be curious to learn more on this.

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I was told before my surgery that there would be some instances of ejaculate and it does come from the Testis--not unusual. I get that now after 4yrs.


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