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Infliltrative/aggressive basal cell carcinoma

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Waiting for biopsy results for a subtype of basal cell carcinoma called morpheaform. This is said to be the most aggressive type of bcc. Has anyone ever experienced this? What was the outcome?

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I had 3 byopsis in Feb 2010, 1=BCC, 1=melanomcytic proliferation with melanoma in situ on site, and the white spot which came back benign mole.

It was dome like and resembled a white head pimple but wasn't a pimple. I've had 2-3 before and I currently have had 2 more appear. My Hawaii derm Dr. says these could be caused by too much coffee and or alcohol, so I've cut way back on both drinks and yet have the 2 new ones appear...

so the new derm Dr in Portland will be questioned about these 2 spots and a few other new appearances next month at my first appointment.

Let us know what the results are... blessing and prayers to you.


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