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ammonia levels!!

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wondering who else has experienced this? My husband got really agitated and confused turns out his ammonia level is high and this causing it any experience with this? Its terrible to watch and spent another 5 hr in er before getting a room so many new issues of liver cancer!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Melinda my dad was diagnosed with hepatocellulcar carcinoma in march 2010. Does your husband have any underlying liver disease such as cirrhosis or hepatitis? Can they give him lactulose? that is medicine that makes him poop but it also clears the ammonia and is supposed to help with his mental status.

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My husband is going through the confusion and he is taking lactulose when I can get him to take it. It is very sad to hear some of the things he says to me when I know he is confused. He gets very angry when I try to correct him. He is going to have to stop driving soon and I dread taking the keys away from him. I know it will be a very bad scene but it has to happen soon. I wish you luck with your husband. God knows times can be very trying.

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My husband can't take lactilose because of the chronic diarrieah(sp?) from the hep C. I can tell when his ammonia levels go up, though, because he becomes easily aggitated and difficult to deal with. Mostly I chalk it up to being so sick, but some days it's hard to be compassionate with him.

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