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Thrush x 3

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I'm on my third case of Thrush. 1st time was after tonsillectomy and I used Difluken. 2nd time was during rad treatment and I used Nysatin. Both worked. 2 months post-treatment now and just got my 3rd case. I'm using Nysatin again and it's working. Avoiding Diflukin due to its effects on liver. Just wanted to know if anyone used a natural treatment that helped keep the Thrush at bay in between cases? Hopefully this is my last go-round with it.

Kent Cass
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My Onco had me on it during and after treatment, and it worked for me. Hope the 3rd time is the last time, Greg.


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Hi Greg,
Have you tried taking a daily probiotic? They come in capsules that you can open and mix with water or whatever. Unrelated to cancer, I had thrush after several heavy duty anitbiotic rounds with oral surgery. Probiotics took care of it. Also have a daughter that was plagued with canker sores since she was little. Not a single one since starting the probiotics. Go to a health food store and get the good stuff they keep in the refridgerated section. We use one called JarroDophilus
Good luck.

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D Lewis
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I used the nystatin but just swished and spit, rather than swallow. Hopefully that will minimize any potential effects on the rest of the system. Never used the diflucan (?).


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My 10 weeks of thrush is finally lifting. Diflucan (twice) and nystatin have been used, but I recently started a probiotic supplement. Did it do the trick? Dr says "not likely". LOL



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Sorry to hear about your bout with thrush! I used Swish & Spit. Worked every time! 5 to be exact! Ugh!
Mick! 10 WEEKS??? OMG! How can you stand it? You are superman.
So sorry, it is miserable. Hope it ends soon. Prayers for all you thrush-ites! Patty

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Thanks everyone! Jen, I'll definitely try the probiotics. Yikes, Mick - 10 weeks. That and getting your degree. What a stud!

Funny, the doc's always want to blame one of the other doc's for our symptoms, but always want to take credit as soon as anything clears up.

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