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metastizing to the lung

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I had a high grade, large mixed sarcoma removed from my left thigh in Oct. 2008. I had 32 radiation treatments. I have had clear check ups until yesterday when tumors showed up in my left lung. I will see a surgeon on Thursday but wondered what treatments have been used for this. I am 65 but in very good health. My doc says chemo doesn't work. What have any of you experienced along this line.

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there is a thoracic surgeon at Georgetown (woman, don't have her name with me at the moment) but she does a surgery where she collapses one lung, scans it for tumors and removes them and then reinflates the lung. Sounds like it's worth exploring.

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I had a high grade pleamorphic rhabdomyosarcoma in left leg pelvic region it too went to left lung, went to mayo in Rochestor MN Tumor was the size of a walnut on bottom of lung. Last scan showed no more tumors, have been on a triple dose VAC regime. Tumor was removed on DEC18 2010 dr said it was half dead from chemo and they removed it because I could feel it rubbing on rib cage. I have been doing great at 52 yrs of age 250lbs I havent had much trouble with the chemo.

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It sounds like you have what I have Chondrosarcoma. I had the same thing happen. I had a tumor and it was removed, and I was clear until I they found it reappeared in my lungs. I have had 6 surgeries and 3 years of chemo altogether. I have been dealing with this for 10 years now. I found out I had cancer when I was 21 and I am about to turn 32 this month. I was told that for my type of cancer that chemo and radiation doesn't work on it. The only thing they can do is cut it out and even that hasn't worked for me. I still have tumors in my lungs and they can't do anymore surgery because it is to dangerous because I almost died with my last surgery. My tumors in my lungs are 2inches in size and I have at least four in each lung, that is in the little lung I have left from the surgeries. I hope they are able to do something for you. I will pray for you and what you are going thru. My doctor is waiting for a new chemo treatment that is suppose to be getting approved soon to get me on the trial for it. The name of the drug is Pozapinb and Votrient, incase you might want to ask your doctor about it. I know earlier I said that I was told chemo and radiation doesn't work on my cancer but I have nothing else to try because I can't have anymore surgeries. About a year and a half ago I asked my doctor how long I had and he said if nothing was done 2 to 3 years, but it's not exact, could be more or less. My breathing is getting really bad and my chest hurts all the time. I can't even walk and talk at the same time with out getting out of breath. Well I know I didn't give you much hope with my story but it's all I have. I hope they are really able to help you! Here is a blog my wife writes if you would like to know more about my story. There are pictures of my CAT Scans on that blog too so you can see how big my tumors are.


Mike Narducci

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Thank you so much for being brave enough to share your story with us here. I hope that you'll continue to update us on how you're doing and your progress. I for one will be sending positive healing energy your way.

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