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My first post op PSA .008 ...is this good?

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Hi.. 5 and a half weeks after surgery.. This is my first PSA test.. Is this good... Less than one mean I am in zero club?

Thx all

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I would say so, so congrats but the magic word here is undetectable

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Yes that is very good. If you get .2 then they worry and you are a long way from there! Congrats!

This makes you an official member of the 0 club so make and sure and send in your dues. I think the dues are a round of drinks for all the members.


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Hope Meister Brau will suffice..ha... Would love to sit down with the brothers on this site and drink a few.. Now that would be therapeutic..

Thx Larry and be well

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Congrats, you are a member of the Zero Club. My PSA has remained .008 post op since 2009 and the nurse told me that .008 meant it was undetectable, unable to measure. :-)

It would be cool if we could get together.


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you are getting the ultra sensitive test - most measure it at less than 0.1 but the ultra sensitive test takes it out another decimal. You are a big fat ZERO with a .008!

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Great News Frank. Sounds like we should get together and have a beer to celebrate!


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One of my weaknesses is homebrewed very HOPPY beer - Love it! I continue my world search of all IPA's - someday I will write a guide and rank them.


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I raise my glass to all you survivors.


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I truly feel blessed with this especially when considering others who are far less fortunate. Case in point: I have a relative who is a hospice nurse. She was telling me today of how devasated she is as she is now taking care of a young woman with terminal breast cancer who has two pre-school children.. My goodness. What a terribe heartbreak. Anything I have and/or will go through does even come close to the hell she and her family must be going through.

Be well..


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< 0.1 is considered undetectable in standard tests.
You have to buy the first round.
Welcome to the Zero Club.

PC 2015 Phila
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Hello, I just got my first PSA lab results after surgery in July at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I googled PSA .008 and found this thread. I could see that the number was well below zero, but wasn't sure it qualified as 'undetectable'. I have a urology appointment on Friday, but did not want that hanging over my head until then, so thank you for the info. Happy to be part of the Survivors Network - especially considering the alternative! 

Max Former Hodg...
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Your PSA was run on what is called an "ultrasensitive" machine.

A number of .008 is indeed classified as "clinically undetectable."  Congrats !



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Welcome to the Forum, and to the Zero Club.

While you are buying, I'll take a glass of fine red wine.

Will Doran
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Oh how I remember my first post surgery PSA test, when it came back as Undetectable.  At this point I will be a two year survivor, on December 10th, from a PSA of 69, Gleason score of 7, and 40% involvement of the Prostate, and one lymph node involved. Diagnosed as an early Stage 4.  "0" is the greastest number.  I was at <0.010 two months post surgery, I am still at <0.010 and have been that way for almost two years.  Surgery, ADT (Lupron), and 8 weeks of radiation.  It's been a tough fight, but we hope we are winning.  REMISSION is another great word.  I hope you hear that word soon.  My doctors are starting to use that word and talking about my future of 10+ years from now.

Hang in there and fight like the devil. 

Peace and God Bless.


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