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To Ro10 and all about swollen glands and tooth

hopeful girl 1
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I am so worried about the swollen glands and tooth issue.
When I saw my cancer doc Friday I thought it was just tooth swollen and
wanted to know what to do. He preferred no dental til start radiation.
However, I know if a tooth is absessed or infected that can be bad
and get out of hand too.
He put me on penicillin and said we would treat as we go. In reading on line
I see penicillin is given but you still need to fix the tooth. It got more swollen
since I saw him Friday and he gave me the penicillin by phone the night before. So I have been on the penicillin since Thursday. The swelling is a little better but still there
and I can feel it and it is uncomfortable. Also the tooth mostly doesnt hurt so much anymore like it did at first (agonizingly) but that probably is bad and probably means the root is dying so you don't feel the pain at that point (per my dentist). I went to oral surgeon yesterday and he said that you need to see endontist for tooth.

Also because I was so swollen and other glands too, the doc's associate (when I called 24 hr number answering service) had me come to emgergency room. They did cat scan of my throat and panoramic (because of swelling and because on chemo and did not see abcess).
Oral surgeon yesterday told me however, there can still be infection that is not seen and that if there is swelling it normally means there is infection.

So I am scared. My third chemo is this Friday-so that gives me alittle over 3-1/2 weeks of this. Plus each time I get the chemo (Taxol/Carbo) it seems under my jaw feels swollen (which I think is separate from this tooth swelling).

This has me a nervous wreck. I can't even enjoy the good news I got on Friday that my CA125 test dropped down to 8 now.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Ro10's picture
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Sorry you are still having the problem with pain and swelling. The only thing I can suggest is that you call your doctors and tell them you are still having the problems. Is the swelling still on the other side, too. Have you been sucking on sour things to stimulate the saliva and keeping well hydrated? Have you tried massage to the area and warm packs.

I know I have had sinus problems that can give me pain in my teeth. I would take sinus medication then. But I never got swelling, just the pain in my teeth. I have had an abscessed tooth before, too, and know how painful it can be.

I would call the chemo doctor and see if he will still give you the chemo on Friday if you are still having the problem, or will he want to delay the chemo. Do you drink lots of fluids when you get your chemo, or suck on hard candy that day. That might help the feeling of you jaw being swollen.

I am glad you did get good news on your CA 125 being 8. That is great. That means the chemo is working.

Hope this all resolves for you soon. Hang in there and take one day at a time. In peace and caring.

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010

Thanks for your comments.
I made an appointment today to see an endodontist. I explained my issue and that I am a chemo patient on phone. So they will take a look and see and talk to my oncologist etc.

I guess it will depend if they feel must be done now or if can wait til radiation in
3-1/2 weeks.

Thanks for the tips about fluids and hard candy.

I also have started recently using biotene toothpaste and rinse.


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