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So Scared- Please Help

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Just last month, I had two basal cell carcinomas removed from my face. the scarring wasn't bad, but then I noticed a white dot on my nose, and when I presented it to my dermatological surgeion, she said it could be nothing, but a biopsy was in order to determine what's going on. I've read that morpheaform bcc is the most invasive kind, with the most disfiguring surgical results. I can't go through this again. Has anyone had type of bcc? Could someone please tell me how to get through the week?

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Take a deep breath. BCC is very slow growing and really nothing much to worry about. Yes, you need it removed, because eventually it could be a problem.....but we're talking a VERY long time.

If it's a small spot, than that's what it is...small. And if you have a good surgeon he/she will remove as little as possible will still getting clear margins.

Good luck.

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