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Biopsy of calcifications?????

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Had my retesting of the breast and liver today. They are looking at a 1.6mm growth on liver that grew from 1.5 in Mar. Well, after the mamammogram in walks a doctor to tell me that there are some calcifications way in the back of the right breast that she thinks need to be biopsied. First of all, I should have looked up what a calcification is; however has anyone else had calcifications biopsied before. I almost dropped to the floor when the doc. walked in. Will get results of liver scan on Wed. Did request to get another tumor marker test done because of the pain in my right side. So much to learn and to experience. Thanks again!


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My wife has had calcifications in a breast, and I told her what I'd tell anyone.
If getting a biop is going to stop you from worrying from now until the
next scan, get it done; too much worrying will drain your energy and
eventually lead to other ailments.

I have read too many times, that a biop can cause a cancer tumor to
break apart and spread.... So personally, I would hate to have it done.

I have had some spots in each lung. One lung was determined to be
calcifications. The other lung was never previously scanned in the area
the spots were now noticed. I decided to wait until the next scan rather
than have a biop. The subsequent scan indicated absolutely no new
growth, and it is likely calcifications.

So youse gotta' pay yer dues and take yer chances..

Do what you feel will make you most relaxed with the situation.

Get a second opinion regarding the scan and situation. A physician
is no different than you or me... except they have more moolah,
three Lexus's and a beach house with a live-in gardener....
and an "opinion".

We all have "opinions". Get another one from a different doc,
from a different group or area.

And for cryin' out loud.... stop worrying.


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Did your wife have the biop done though? Thanks for the response. I love your style of rebuke!!!!!


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Yes, and it was calcification or fat tissue. (whew).

A good surgeon can usually tell just by looking at the scan,
what it is. Well..... I should say that they can make a damned
good guess.

She had some pain and discomfort for a few weeks afterward,
but the relief of finding out that it wasn't what she was worried about,
offset her pain.

You have to decide for yourself. If it were me though....
I'd get another opinion. It's invasive surgery, and you're entitled
to a second opinion.

Think good things.

Think of me winning the lottery. (that's a good thing)


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I don't have colon cancer, my daughter does. However, my mom died from breast cancer so I always get my mammograms. I have had calcification scares twice in 1997 and 1998. I had the biopsy one time where they use the needle gun to take out tissue samples (not fun AT ALL!) and then an open biopsy with a wire localization of the calcified area. Both times they turned out to be nothing. My calcifications were also very deep on the left side.

Last fall I had another scarey mammogram, but the radiologist suggested an ultrasound to further check it out and that ruled out cancer. I know they can also do that even further with a breast ct. It is my impression that calcifications can turn into cancer later, that's why they are usually bad.

So I don't know how many times calcifications turn out to be cancer, but for me they have always turned out to be nothing!

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The local women's center found calcifications in my right breast about 6 years ago and their computer and radiologist couldn't determine if they were benign or not. They sent me to Dr. Elizabeth Steinhaus at Breast Care Specialist of Atlanta. Betsy did another mammogram plus an ultrasound and said 'I could biopsy these today but I think they're benign and would rather wait 6 months and see if there's any change'. Long story short. 6 months, 6 months, then onto a year.... for 6 years and they're exactly the same.

Microcalcifications are always benign. Mine were calcifications and about 3 in one area. Doctors are more concerned where there are a lot of calcifications in one area (I think it's 10 or 15 but don't remember).

BTW, my mother had breast cancer when she was 50 and it had spread to her lymph nodes. She took Tamoxifen for one year and had a mastectomy. It never returned. She's 78 and very healthy.

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Hi Valerie,

In December I had a stereotatic breast biopsy for calcifications. We had been watching the calcifications for about a year on mammography...Calcifications are common especially in meopausal women (i was recently in surgical menopuase)In december the radiologist did not like that there was an increased number in the right breast(I have calcifications in both breasts) and the pattern was suspicious.

Make sure you go to a quality facility for the biospy. My radiologist was diligent in getting good samples.

Most often they are just benign changes but I know how totally freaked out we are due to our past experiences. Thankfully mine were benign and I believe yours will be too.

Any questions ..please ask away.


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I had microcalifacations in breast was dcis very very early stage breast cancer (stage 0) If microcal. are pleomorphic then highly likely early stage breast cancer regular cal. are benign. If worried ask for report to see if it sates pleomorphic microcal.

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