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Chicken Pox

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Hello Ladies...

My youngest son has Chicken Pox...I had them in third grade (seems like a lifetime ago, but I remember it well!)....

My last Chemo was on May 5th...Do I need to still be concerned more than anyone else? Would I still be considered immuno suppressed at this point???


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You should contact your chemo doc. You can still get shingles. I do recall being around someone with shingles but they didn't live in the same house as me so it may be different.

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Laurie....Yes, call your chemo dr. as you can get Shingles. I have had them and they can be nasty!! You will want to take any precautions that you can!!

Hoping you avoid the pox!


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I am aware of the shingles risk....but as a Mom I have to take care of him....

My question is that am I MORE susceptible than any other Mom taking care of her child?

Is my Immuno supressed period over??


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Sounds like we can't truly give you medical advice, therefore, call your doctor to be sure.

Better to be safe than sorry...

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