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Anaconda no more!!

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Hey Fellas,

I'm back, 6 weeks post surgery, incontinence getting better 1 pad a day depending on how much I drink. 1st post-op psa is (0.1)(THANK THE LORD)!!! so I'm great in that category.
My issue now friends is that of the now little guy just isn't alive anymore. No morning erections or night for that matter. Honestly I'm not sure if its him or me, psychologically my libido is at an all time low....I'm trying the pump, that works but it puts a damper on intimacy moments, you know once you get started I have to say wait a minute I'll be right back....(GOD THAT REALLY SUCKS)....I use the rings but the blood seems to back flow and he goes back in his shell like the airs been let out of the ballon. I honestly haven't tried the pills as instructed, got laid off and we know how costly that can be, but I was able to order some today per everyones advice from the site...the pills from india I hope they're all everyone says they are I could really use the help...I'm REALLY hoping that they will work...I've read alot about the venous leakage issues once can have and I'm hoping thats not my problem...but time will tell. I was wondering if any of you guys are having or had a similiar problem...I'm about ready to try the injection thing, but again money makes the world go round so that'll have to wait awhile.

Until later take care guys I'm happy everyones doing so well. I wanna be like alot of you guys when I grow up....!!


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TonyJr, Six weeks post surgery is early to have 'big' expectations on the erection front.

Some men take up to 2 years. I know that is not encouraging but follow the doctors advice and take the pills. I get my Levitra from india...It is not an instant erection. It takes time and patience. Use on an empty stomach for best results and about 1 hour before you attempt an erection. My first ones took LOTS and LOTS of stimulation but The goal is to get the blood flowing to the penis to keep it healty. I'm 10 months post surgery and very happy now. If you haven't read it get the book saving your sex life by Dr. John Mulhall. The nerves underwent major surgery and it takes time! I think on another thread there was a link to a lecture also by Dr. John Mulhall which you might want to listen to since it is free.

Sorry to hear about you getting laid off.


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Agree with Larry. My surgeon told me it could be 18 months before things are back to "normal". I am taking the pills and have had some moderate success at 5 months out, but nothing close to where I was prior to surgery. Even if nerves are spared, they have undergone some major trauma and will take time to recover. As Larry said, it takes time and patience.

Take Care,

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You made a good point...I have my erections back now and sometimes without drugs but like you said...not to the extent and brick hardness of pre-surgery...I am now happy with the word "Usable" when talking about erections. Oh and while we are on this subject, one area that still needs improvement is the intensity of orgasms...mine are still not to that of pre-surgery.


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Joey you are sooooo correct I thought it was me, but your right as I've expressed to my wife what little erection and orgasm I do have feels exceptionally weird. Not the least as intense as it was prior to surgery, but like you said with GODS help all will return in time....thanks again guys for being there, I don't know what I'd do without the brotherhood.

Thanks again as always

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I appreciate your encouragement, hopefully everyday will be alittle better.

Thanks again!

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