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tanning after RAI

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Hello! I will be having a TT next monday the 21st. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a few weeks ago. I have my RAI therapy 30 days following my surgery.
My question is how soon after the RAI can I go tanning?!?

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Well, you should be distancing yourself from others (esp from pregnant women and small children) for at least a week after RAI. I think you are also supposed to avoid prolonged periods in public places for at least a week as well. So unless you own a private beach, I think you should wait at least a week. To be safe, I'd also ask your ENDO.

Maybe you should go tanning before the RAI?

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Thank you! I was just wondering because, I know when my Mom had breast cancer she had radiation. She was not allowed to be in the sun for a while and if she was had to make sure her area which she had the radiation was covered.
I just dont know how it works with how I have to ingest it?

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i was warned by my doctor that i should be carfull of getting a tan on the scar tisue while it was healing (for about 1 year) cause according to her if you get a tan on your scar it will be much more visible for years... I was wondering if anyone else has heard any of this.

as for tanning in general i would asume it is all dependant on distance you can manage from other people. while i was in the hospital waiting for my levels to go down i was told if the sun comes out i might as well grab a tan in the room since there isnt anything else really to do. ( the reason i was hospitalized was i had a treatment dose of 175 mCi and suposidaly thats the limit for the area i live in for being released from the hospital)

personaly i keep thinking of the fact i got this thyroid cancer under control and im going to beat this.. do i really want to tan and increase my risk for skin cancer?

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I put it on every day. My doctor told me not to get it tanned. Personally I won't lie out and tan any more as I don't want to risk Melanoma......plus I'm getting older and it does bad things to my skin with regard to wrinkles. So I would apply sunscreen every day and not lie out and tan!

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