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uterine cancer and lymphedema

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I would like to hear from uterine (endometrial) patients who have permanent lymphedema.

Did anyone hear that lymphedema is a risk of endometrial cancer surgery? Did anyone hear that lymphedema is a risk of endometrial cancer radiation?


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and I don`t suffer "yet???".

True is that I was full of herbs and ginseng during radiation. Tried to refuse and now I can say I should.

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Cecile Louise
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I have a very mild case of lymphedema. My onc tells me it is due to having so many lymph nodes removed, but he never told me prior to my surgery that it was a possibility. Again, I have just very mild swelling in my ankles and one knee that seems to be better some days and worse on others. I spoke to an onc nurse and she said that lymphedema can get worse over time - has anyone else been told that?


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I have not yet had lymphedema problems as a result of my UPSC surgery. Although I do wonder at times if my upper thighs are not fuller than previously, just no ankle/lower leg swelling. However, following breast cancer surgery which included removal of a number of lymph nodes, I had on and off issues with my arm. Then following additional surgery and radiation for a local recurrence, I began having problems with infections - cellulitis. Unfortunately, the more often this occurs, the more damage there is to lymph drainage system and the more at risk one becomes. They can be quite severe. I would think this is similar to post-uterine surgery node removal and radiation.

No one ever mentioned I would have problems prior to them occurring - either with breast ca or with uterine cancer. One can go thru lymphedema therapy and wear prescribed compression garments to keep it under control. Annie

hopeful girl 1
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I had severe swelling in my legs and feet post surgery. In fact after being in hospital for 10 days and barely eating for all of that time, I gained 30 pounds-which was the retained fluids. Very scarey. It took weeks but the swelling went down.

I was not aware that it was a possibility, although I think the docs don't stress this because when we are in the situation that we really don't have much choice but to have surgery what can we do?

I was concerned to recently read about this as a side effect from radiation as well.
This concerns me as I do not want this to return.

Did you experience this and has it become permanent? How much edema is there and has anything helped?

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My doctor was very informative and did tell me of the risk of lymphedema prior to surgery. I live in FL and with the heat I have noticed more swelling recently especially if I'm on my feet. Since I'm off for the summer and have rested more the last couple of days and it has gone down. I was so bad that I couldn't fit my shoes by the end of the day. I actually had to go out and buy 1 shoe size larger for the swelling.

Today I had a physical with my primary care doctor and she said except for wrapping them, there's not much else that can be done.


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