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Wet wet wet

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Had very wet night last night. Enough to leak out of pad. Been reading posts on how others have been doing with this and how it varies for each person. Am only 5days with cath out but not seeing any improvement. Plus still have a little swelling in the groin. Hope I am not losing faith too early. Has not been too bad during the day. 1-2 pads. Maybe pm relaxing is the cause. I was made well aware of these problems before surgery but would like to start feeling better soon. Welcome any comments or suggestions. Thanks Joe

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What worked for me early on was to do the following:
1). Kegels, Kegels, Kegels, - every chance I got.
2). Stayed away from caffeine, whether it was in coffee, soda, etc.
3). Did not drink anything from about 6:30pm on.

These three things really helped me minimize the night time impact and put me on a good road towards staying dry during the day.

Good luck to you.

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I found at about 4pm to 6 pm I would start to leak probably because of just being up all day everything was getting tired and not as strong. I agree with what the other Joe said about not drinking anything after 6:30 at night...I found that the first improvement actually came at night while sleeping and that I didn't leak in the night while sleeping...the Triage nurse said that was because of gravity when lying down and it happens to most early on - I think others have said that on here also. I found anything with carbonation caused a problem also...nurse said drink water only. Hope this helps.

Randy in Indy

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Avoid coffee, anything carbonated including beer; orange juice, anything remotely acidic.

I was on a Depends pant plus 7-9 pads per day for about 9-10 weeks from DaVinci. At 34 weeks out, I use 1, sometimes 2 pads per day.

It gets better in plateaus - you drop to a lower number of pads, and spend 10 days or so, then another drop.

Kegels and walking - spread over the day.

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Joe -

I haven't weighed in for a while, but I know exactly what you are going through. The other posts are correct. Don't despair. Man o man, patience is now critical. At your stage, I gave up on pads at night and went with the full depends. Worked much better.

For me, it stayed that way for about 4 weeks. Then, gradually, day by day, I began to see very slight improvements. It wasn't until the 5th week that I began to dry up some. Now at 12 weeks post op 11 weeks post cath removal, I use 1 medium pad cut in half a day which I use from bedtime to bedtime.

Hang in there. The hardest part now is dealing with how slowly and unpredictably the continence and ED side affects are.

It WILL get better. Have faith.


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Kegels to the left, Kegels to the right;
Kegels during the day and Kegels at night;
I know you don't believe it, but it's true, you'll see;
When it finally helps you to control your wee!

Poet and don't know it...

Never, never, ever stop Kegels.


The Nev
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I guess I have a little different take. First week or so after cath out I was wetting two depneds briefs a night. I mean they would be soaked, I was also going through 5 - 6 pads a day. As others have said it was at night that I was dry first, after a few weeks I was down to a pad at night and then nothing. But I was still at a few pads a day. I did kegels for 6 mos and I improved but I was still leaking so I stopped doing them. Now at 10 months I am dry except for rare occations so at work I stil wear a very thin pad just in case but most times there's nothing there. So I don't know about them Kegels they may work for some but not for everyone.

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5 days out any you are worried?

Slow down, take a deep breath and relax.

After 6 months if you are still wet wet wet then you can start worrying.

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