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Has anyone actually been able to feel the shrinkage in the abdominal tumors after chemo? If so how long did it take to notice. I have seen where some have seen a shrinkage in the ones in the neck and groin region, but not seen anything about the abdomen as of yet. I know we are all different but it gives me something to look for. thanks, john

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I know I had tumors or enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen along with many other places but I could not feel the abdominal ones. I had a fairly large one just above my right collar bone and that started getting smaller almost immediately and then was gone. This treatment acts very quickly in many people, in fact halfway through the first one the area on my neck was red and itchy as was my left jaw bone where I also had it. Mary

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Hi John,
All of my swollen nodes were in my upper and lower abdomen. I could lay on my back and watch them grow and I was experiencing pain around my liver, pancreas and intestines. My first indication that the chemo was working was that I no longer had pain. Over time I also no longer appeared pregnany. But even with all this you could not feel any of the nodes as they were very deep within my body. I had an agressive B and T cell lymphoma which was first treated with Rituxan and when it recurred treated with RCHOP. Remission was acheived and verified by PET scan between cycl;es 2 and 3 of chemo. Hope this answers your questions.

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I have a question about abdomenal nodes. What does the pain feel like? Anything near your ribs or under your breasts? This is all new to me and they are still testing me after my biopsy showed follicular. I feel like something is wrong in my upper abs. |So glad to hear that the treatment stopped your pain!

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Hi onlytoday,

So sorry you are still having pain. The pain I experienced was right under my rib cage on mainly the left side of my abdomen around my pancreas. However, as time went on it also involved my liver. It was a sharp piercing pain that would settle into a dull gnawing ache. I also experienced the feeling of fullness whenever I eat or drank anything. Everyone's pain is different and everyone experiences pain in a different fashion.

Yes my pain did go away very soon after treatment started. However to this day every twinge I have makes me think my lymphoma is back. It certainly keeps the fear factor high. Of course I only finished treatent 4 months ago.

Have you talked to your Onc about your pain? I know you are early in the diagnosis process but have you had your PET or CT scan? Did it show anything in this area?

Keep me posted on how you are doing and what the treatment options are for you.

Blessing to you,

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