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Custard is my new favorite-just sharing!

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I just tried custard and am so pleased!! It has that prized "slips painlessly down the throat" texture. I am buying kozy shak flan, but I used to make custard a million years ago..and will try homemade..so nice something that tastes good!!

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I might have to try that. Still looking for something that doesn't hurt going down. Closest I've found is those peaches in that syruppy liquid, which I'm sure is baaaaad for me. Glad to hear you found something good to eat!

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So happy for you. It's always a boost to find something that u can actually eat. One of my problems with all this trying to eat mushy stuff is I cannot stand the texture. I would always be gaggy. Don't mind the taste flan and creamy stuff. It's the texture that gets me. Lol. I found a good thick yogurt brand that is like the kind you get in Europe instead of the cruddy stuff they have here in the states. It is called Liberté Méditerranée. It is really really thick. I am eating the plum and walnut flavor over a banana right now. They also have a coconut milk yogurt, vanilla flavor which was really good. This plum and walnut one is 6oz 240 cals 6 grams protein. It was in the organic section. I think it is made in Québec.

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The first food that I could handle eating after radiation treatments was vanilla pudding. I still had my PEG, and was just starting to try food. I had pudding everyday for at least a week!! Untill I could eat other things. lol!! Maybe it wasn't the most nutritious to eat, but it was EATING!!

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I hadn't had that stuff for close to 50 years, but it went down pretty well when I was coming out of treatment. I liked it a lot when I was a kid, and I liked it a lot when my throat was all screwed up and it was about the only thing I could eat ... but I haven't had it since.

--Jim in Delaware

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Something else that is good is Creme Brulee! Hope I spelled it right. Costco sells it or you can make it. Great for packing on the lb's lol! I am going to look for that walnut plum yogurt Sweetblood. Sounds delicious. If it is made in Quebec then it should be fairly easy to source here. I am trying to maintain my weight in order to loose this tube. I appreciate all the help I can get!

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