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CT results

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Paula G.
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Hi everyone,
Well it was as we thought. His CEA was telling us the ugly truth. John had new nodules in his lungs and existing nodules all showed an increase in size from 2 to 4 mm. One of the tumors in his liver had increased in size a little and the mass on his right adrenal gland also had increased in size. They added Irenotecan into the mix so he will be taking Xeloda also (XELIRI) plus avastin every three weeks. They gave him ondansetron and two other meds for nausea. He hasn't felt sick yet but is very ,very tired this morning.

We did get to see Leslie when we were up at the Huntsman. We also were at the CRC seminar. I read her post on on the mixed bag she got. I hope it turns out not to be cancer! I hope she will just enjoy her summer! It was good to have someone there and very good to see her and meet her friend.

Thanks for reading this. It some how helps....I think about all of you and wish you all well. Paula

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Lets hope new regimen proves successful.....steve

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oh Paula I am so sorry....that's not great but you do have a new chemo regime...

I have learned Paula don't give up...sometimes it feels really really hard but I hope both you and John will keep marching

sending you a bunch of love, good karma and wishes


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Hugs to both you and John.So sorry the CT results weren't good but hoping that the new meds will work out for him.

Wishing you the best.


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Hi Paula,

I am sorry the results weren't better. I hope that by adding irenotecan to the mix John will have good results next time. The folfiri + avastin "cocktail" has worked well for me so far. Thanks for posting + letting us know the results. I am sending warm thoughts to you.

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That it wasn't better news..hopefully the new cocktail will be right for him and do the trick

My prayers are with you both


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I'm so sorry about the "ugly truth" that was revealed. I know that wasn't at all what y'all were hoping to hear. I'll be praying that the doctors will come up with a wonderful plan to help John be healed.


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Hi Paula,

As I was hoping and praying for good news for John's scan, I admit I was worried that it wouldn't be because of his CEA. As CEA isn't a good indicator for everyone, it does seem to be a good indicator for John, just as it is for me also. I have been right everytime for myself when my CEA goes up or down, the scan results have gone along with what the CEA said every time.
So... John's on a new treatment with a new plan now. The onc is on top of it & hopefully John will respond well to this treatment. That is what I will now pray for- that and that his side effects will be minimal.

You take care and tell John to keep holding on- good things have to be coming. :)


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We made it safely home today. Coming down South Pass in the early afternoon, all the western hillsides of Red Canyon were covered in arrowleaf balsamroot. Never have I seen it so prolific. Quite amazing amidst the low white/dark grey clouds, green grassy slopes,leafed out aspens, dark brown shrub and tree trunks, and snowline at about 8000' (about 15 inches dropped on the eastern slopes of the Wind Rivers). Rivers are down but flood stage rises are expected Tuesday through Thursday when it all starts melting again.

Great to see you and John in SLC. Physical hugs are wonderful and being in both yours and John's presence was comforting.

Take care and love,

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I'm sorry the scan results were not better. The iricoteacan seems to help the other drugs be more effective it seems. I've had good luck with that and Avastin over the years. I have to deal with some lung nodes next month too. I'll cross the bridge when I get there. Summer's here now, time to swim.

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Paula G.
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All I can say is thanks for being here. John has felt pretty awful the last couple of days. I am not sure if it is the new drug, the steroid they gave him or just the news. Maybe all of it.
Glad you made it home safe Leslie. It was good to see you.
Good luck Phil on you next scan.
Steve,Mags,Pat,Anne,K,Gail and Lisa just thanks. I think of you all. Paula

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You and JR had it pegged right, it seems. I'm sorry to hear of this, Paula, but the thread is full of good advice, so I echo the others here and hope the new treatment will turn the tide.


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I sorry the scan results were not encouraging. Looks like you had it nailed when you said you did not expect good news. Tell John to hang in there, starting a new chemo is tough and hopefully it gets him some positive results. Don't forget to take care of yourself.

Take care - Tina

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