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Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma

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I have been having pelvic and abdominal pain for about two years. Last year, I had a uterine biopsy that showed reactive endometrial cells which prompted a d & c, laprascopy, and hysterocopy. This procedure showed cysts, chocolate cysts, polyps, small tumor, etc. Doctor then told me that it looks like I have Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma. She sent me to a teaching hospital, which said as long as no atypia is present, they don't believe treatment is necessary.
Since that time, I have been diagnosed with gastritis, three hernias, esophageal inflammation, inflammation in the lungs, colon, appendix. Now, I also have adenomyosis and fluid in the abdomen. At my last ultrasound, they found a possible fibroid tumor on my right ovary and left ovary is attached to the wall.
My latest discovery is that a family member died at the age of 48 with a rare stomach cancer that was very similar to what I am going through. No one could/would diagnos until it was too late to treat and he died within the year.
I am 29 and am overwhelmed and not sure what to do or what the next steps I should take. Has anyone has a similar experience? Any thoughts?

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You sure have been through a lot over the past two years and I can totally understand your concerns. I have not had your experiences and would suggest getting a second opinion if you are not comfortable with your doctors current suggested regimen. Good luck!

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My name is Jinni, in july 2010 I was diagosed with this horrible cancer. I'm 58, and always did "everything" right. so much for that. Going to Stanford for treatment, which is a 6 hour drive each way from where I live. Had the port put in 4 weeks ago, and have had 3 treatments so far. One week it's IV and IP, then 8 days later just the IP. then 2 weeks off, then the cycle starts again. My problem is I can't gain any weight, and I'm now down to 100 pounds. The digestive issues are the worst... looking like you're pregnant all the time, the gas, bloating, and just feeling like you're head is not attached to your body is bad. Doing the Taxol and cisplatin. Any suggestions for getting through this would be great. One day at a time, and a positive outlook. I do have a wonderful husband and daughter that have been there since day 1.

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