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Swollen glands or saliva glands

hopeful girl 1
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Has anyone experience swollen glands or saliva glands with the taxol/carboplatin?
If so what did doctors confirm about this and how did you handle?

Here it is the week-end and I am worried-I feel like I should leave a message with answering service but not sure. Saw doc yesterday and he put me on penicillin (because I have a tooth hurting) but also said there is swelling both sides saliva glands.
Has anyone heard of this or experienced this?

Thanks so much.

jazzy1's picture
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Do you think you've got a tooth that needs a root canal? That sounds like one I had 19 yrs ago and remember the pain and swollen neck area. Seemed like everything in my mouth ached and unfortunately, since I was pregnant at the time, couldn't do anything except take some pain-type meds.

In answer to your question, no I didn't have any issues such as yours when I was on taxol/carbo. You'll probably not sleep tonite, so I'd call the doc.

Best to you and get a good nights sleep...

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I do. Welcome to a weird side effect. I found that Sprite and Aleve work on this. Baffles my oncologist, but he said it was rare.

My glands swell to the point where the throat gets sore, then, gets into the ear tubes. OWWWW!

Hang in there.


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