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weight loss and liver cancer

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My dad has lost 30 1bs since his HCC diagnosis in march 2010. He isnt a very big guy to begin with 160lbs so he is now down to 130! as much as me! this is bothering me he looks like skin and bones is normal with this diagnosis? he as a resection 3 weeks ago...I feel like I just dont know anymore :(

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Hi: I had my gallbladder and part of my liver removed two months ago because of a 4 cm tumour that had moved through the gallbladder wall into the surrounding liver. I haven't yet started chemo as the surgery incision hasn't healed completely. Anyways, I noticed right from the hospital stay a lack of appetite due to the trauma to the liver they said (maybe elevated liver enzymes). I did lose weight. But once out of the hospital I concentrated on eating whether I wanted to or not. I wasn't hungry but knew I had to eat. I have stopped losing weight and have some appetite back. It could help if your dad would drink those meal replacement drinks (like a milkshake) - they have all sorts of nutritious goodies in them and some are even for putting on weight. I try to get the low sugar ones like Glucerna or Boost's (Wal-Mart has a low sugar one that is much cheaper too). They are easy to digest and quite tasty. You can also make him nutritious smoothies with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, etc. whatever fruits he likes and soy protein powder (I just use soy milk). Hope this helps.

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Sarah and your dad and welcome. I would suggest asking the dr about a feeding tube for your dad. This way he will be getting the well needed nutrition he desperately needs. There are two kinds. A g tube and a J tube. I was a caregiver for my dad who passed away from ec with mets to the liver in March. God bless you and your dad as you continue this hard battle with cancer.

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