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I woke up today morning, took a shower and when I was putting my clothes on. Rafael told me: "I think I'm having a seizure again". So I ran in towell to help him lay down in the sofa and then I remembered doctor told me if a seizure happens again. Put a pill of Lorazepan under his tongue and that will help to stop the seizure. So I did and the seizure stopped. Now he is sleeping. Doctor told me it is the scar that is swollen and not necessary is more cancer in his brain. But we need to control the cancer in the lung. We planned to see the soccer game today. E.U VS Uruguay. Now he is sleeping, so I think I'm going to see the game just myself. I think this is the hard part. When you have a plan and for this cancer suddenly your plan is gone........ I just needed to write about my day. Thank you...

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Cancer certainly does have a way of disrupting our lives and the lives of all those around us. I start my first chemo treatment the day after my twins graduation from high school which turned out to be good timing, but got my cancer diagnosis the week before my daughter's wedding...bad timing. See if you can record the game for your hubby to watch when he is up to it. I hope your day will get much better!

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