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Question regarding first PSA after surgery

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Joined: Nov 2009

Hello All,

Just had my blood drawn yesterday and expecting results Monday.. Hoping for the undetectable level based on my post op-PC pathology report indicating confined disease and negative margins. Am I being overly optimistic? Any stats or input? ( Damn, I hate this worrying stuff)..

Thx in advance.


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Skid Row Tom
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I'd say you have reasonable expectations. My outcome was the same as yours -- good reports, negative margins, and I have been <0 for four years.

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I would feel confident that you will have an undetectable level based on your post op-PC pathology report…However, if you do not then do what you need to do to beat this beast.

My first test post surgery was undetectable and I had SVI on the right, a positive margin on the right and extensive extra extension…What I believe is once you are post surgery “throw” all stats percentages “out the window” and start living your new life. You could be on the good side of the stats or the wrong side of stats…Worrying will not help…

The three things that I control now are diet, exercise and positive (as well as negative) thoughts…

The best to all fighting this beast…Kill the beast

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Hello. I would say your expectations are quite reasonable. I wish you all the best, good luck.


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