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neck cancer of unknown origian

vivian clecak
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Joined: Jun 2010

My husband was just diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the neck origin unknown. we have not been able to find anyone who has gone through this and would like to hear from a survivor.

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If you post on the Head and Neck Cancer board, you'll meet many people with your husband's diagnosis, in various stages of treatment as well as those surviving well after treatment.

ginsie 921
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Joined: Sep 2010

My husband too was diagnosed with squamous cell in the neck. They never did find the origin. He lived for 5 years after he was diagnosed. Where are you in treatment? Glad to be a shoulder to lean on.
ginsie 921

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Just joined this network today. I was diagnosed with same, in Jan 2010. The primary turned out to be at the base of tongue, well in to my throat. It took the 2nd ENT Doctor to figure it out and find it.

9 weeks of chemo, 7 of radiation, and surgery in July to remove 27 nodes in neck, and I actually feel pretty good all things considered. Radiation and chemo killed off the primary. There is hope, its a tough battle, and it can be beat.

I hope the same for your husband.


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