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moving on without cancer

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Hi everyone I hope all is well my son is grauduating from high school and im here to see it ! im very gratefull to god for granting me mercey and grace and sparing my life for me to beat the beast cancer has came and took so much from me but I will not give it my spirit and soul I fought to hard for that im in the presence of warriors when i sigh on and read the post here and I draw from that strength yeah I still worry about the cancer probaly will for a minite but I had cancer cancer dose not have me it is funny how we dont appriciate the small things in life untill something like this happens the grass is greener the sky is more blue ive been getting out the house more letting the wind hit my face and really apreciate life I go for my six month check up I believe next month scared yeah worried yeah but I know what will be will be what im learning is my life is not in my hands it is in God hands and ive come to far to turn around now th fight must continue it is a must I live up to my name as a survivor when I look back to how I was before and now I see God has bought me a mighty long way and all I can say is thank you ,thank you for holding me and blesing me and bringing me a mighty long way im steal here to tickle my five year old and me and m nine year old can polish each other toenails and im hear to see my baby boy move on to the next faze of his life college and for all of that im gratefull I might not be were i wanna be but thank God im not were i used to be and in time things will be better thats were my faith comes in at I just want to thank scam,hondo kent,debbie,ratface,gleenda,sweetblood and the rest for being there for opening up there hearts and giving comfort to people like me giving them strength and letting them no its ok to greive you are wonderfull people GOD bless you all you are wondrfull

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Pam M
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seems like you've got your head screwed on right, survivor. Here's hoping that next month's test brings more good news.

Wishing for more blessings for you

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You sound GREAT!!! The dark cloud has lifted and you are looking at what you have in your life to embrace and enjoy. The battle against cancer is not only physical. You are no longer surviving...sounds like you are living!! Peace to you.

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God bless you for coming through to become such a strong, appreciative,loving woman & Mom! Of course you must realize survivor31, you always had it in you!
You are a great role model for all, and I wish you well with your scan.
Living in the moment, and enjoying the little things, and holding your children just a little tighter, are just a few of the many things I have learned. Without my CSN Family - I doubt I would have gotten this far!
May God keep you, and heal you with his love and mercy. Prayers, Patty

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survivor, you sound AMAZING!! I'm so glad you are feeling better and have decided that the C didn't have you and you are going to live and enjoy all the little things in life! It is amazing how much we come to appreciate our family, the wind in our hair, the beautiful blue sky, etc, once we have faught such a horrific battle. But we did and we WON! Please keep us posted and you and your family will always be in our prayers. Take care friend!
God Bless,

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