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Philadelphia ALL in Adult 66 Years of Age

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My husband has just been diagnosed with Philadelphia ALL. He is 66 years of age with heart condition and diabetis. Would like to talk to someone who has similar situation. We are looking at blood stem cell transplant. Literature tells us that there is a 10% chance if a sibling is the donor. So confused.

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My 19 sister had a stem cell transplant 2 months ago.. her donor was our other sister who was a perfect match.. the treatment honestly went alot bettter than i thought it would... the chemo the week before is what is very rough.. alot of rough days and nights but she is doing very well at the moment although it is early days yet... i am not sure what philadelphia ALL is exactly but she had AML M-1.. my prayers are with you both during this hard time

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ali in oregon
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Don't give up. My sisters didnt match me and they had to go international to find a donor. They found one in Europe. I only had 30 percent chance of surviving and I did. I am doing well. Hang in there. Make sure you like your doctors.

God bless.


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Did you go to OHSU? If so, what did you think of the care there?
I've relapsed from from chemo given last fall (AML M5), and am headed to Portland for the transplant as soon as details are worked out. Not looking forward to being away from home in Salem for such a long period of time. But, the only choice is to fight all the way. Like you, they give a 25-40% chance.

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Hi Ali

i've just been diagnosed with ALLPH+ i'm 61 and scared out of my skin. my doc here doesn't treat this kind of leukemia and has referred me to NYU in NYC - i met with the doc and have already had my first chemo - next is tomorrow (Monday) followed by 2 weeks in hospital for next chemo treatments - i'm also taking sprycel. oddly, my blood work was fine - a little low but nothing to send red flags up about - it showed up in the bone marrow biopsy. can you tell me what to expect - what will the rest of chemo be like. i survived colon and bladder cancer only to be hit with this....please give me some idea what's to come with treatment, side effects...and all the rest of this horror. if you want to write to me offlist - my e-mail is jskerry@aol.com
thank you so much

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