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Mouth, throat and dental issues-and mouth irritations

hopeful girl 1
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Has anyone experience mouth sores or irritations with chemo.
I have had two chemos and am having irritation in my throat, top of my mouth, side of tounge, and my lower right jaw is causing pain-previous to chemo I had a tooth worn down quite a bit from grinding teeth at night for which I would just chew on other side-and dentist had said when I was ready or got tired of it, I could come in for a root canal (which I have never had).

I called my doc's office and was told the lowest immunity point is days 10-18 on Taxol/Carboplatin and that if you need anything done perhaps a day before chemo or one or two days after is best. So I am going to have dentist look but not do anything. I am at day 14 right now I believe.

Did anyone do the rinsing with baking soda and or salt or biotene?
When I first started chemo I was doing baking soda, but it seemed it started to irritate my sensitive tooth so I stopped. I normally have very sensitive teeth and gums normally.

I would appreciate feedback.

Thank you.

Peaceful thoughts and healing to all.

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I used diluted hydrogen peroxide. It helped. How are you doing? See, its not so bad. Best wishes and speedy recovery. Hugs June

hopeful girl 1
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Joined: May 2010

My jaw is swollen by the tooth. My cancer doc put me on penicillin and prefers I don't do any dental work for 4 weeks when I start radiation (and then 3 more chemos).

He said if you absolutely have to a day or so before or after chemo is when to do it.

He said however, both sides are swollen-he said my saliva glands are swollen and to have sour stuff to get them going.

Has anyone else had this issue?

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Cecile Louise
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I started using a WEAK salt rinse a few days before I started chemo and used it all the way through my treatments and I never had any trouble with sores or mouth pain. I would mix up a bottle-full and keep it near the basin so I would remember to rinse often, but you could always just keep a container of salt in the bathroom and mix up a warm rinse if your teeth are sensitive. I was advised to delay any dentist visits or cleanings until well after my chemo regimen.


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My daughter bought me both the toothpaste and mouthwash before I started chemo, but I did not need either of them. She also got me something else for dry mouth. I know my dentist told me if I had any problems with dry mouth to let him know. I never had any problems, so I don't know what his suggestions would have been. Hope you are feeling better soon. In peace and caring.

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