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Another good reason to eat fresh

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Cecile Louise
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Ran across this article this morning about canned food & drink. Here are a few snippets:

BPA is the key compound in epoxy resin linings that keep food fresher longer and prevents it from interacting with metal and altering the taste. It has been linked in some studies of rats and mice to not only cancer but also obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

The studies by Taylor are certainly eye-opening. They have shown that the chemical alters the way DNA operates, a process known as an epigenetic change.

On each strand of DNA a group of carbon molecules binds to receptors that help turn genes on or off. In the presence of BPA, though, many of those carbon molecules can be removed from DNA, and with them the switch.

Think of the carbon groups as a kind of lock, and the DNA receptors as a gate. When the lock is removed, the gate can swing open, greatly increasing the risk for estrogen to flow through later in life, interact with DNA and cause cancer.

"It has permanent, lasting effects"

The complete article can be found here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/37592661/ns/health-food_safety/?GT1=43001

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Good article Cecile!

I have been reading more and more about BPA and did find that Eden makes cans without BPA but they are unable to use that non-BPA product for tomatoes. I have evaluated what I buy in cans and am trying to be “can free”….that is offering a few challenges! I will have to forgo the convenience of canned beans and start soaking/cooking up my own. Just when I was thinking eating more beans instead of meat was a positive step.

Article in the Washington Post was also interesting. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/02/22/AR2010022204830.html

It had this insert that I found helpful:

Canned foods: Tests by Consumers Union and the Environmental Working Group found the highest levels of BPA in canned soups and pasta, but it was also detected in canned fruits, vegetables and beverages. When possible, use frozen fruits and vegetables, and buy soups and beverages in glass containers. Cardboard "brick packaging" for soups, broths and tomatoes is another BPA-free alternative.

Plastics: BPA is often found in polycarbonate plastic food containers that are marked with "PC" or with the recycling number 7. Plastics with the recycling label numbers 1, 2 and 4 do not contain BPA.

Water bottles: Some metal water bottles are lined with a coating that contains BPA. Use stainless steel bottles that are not lined or plastic bottles that are clearly marked BPA-free. Avoid old or scratched plastic bottles.

Heating: Avoid microwaving foods or liquids in polycarbonate plastic containers. Use glass or ceramic containers instead.

Will be anxious to see the results of the study I think it being done through NIH.


Always Hopeful
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Oh my! This could really send you to the funny farm! So much to think about and so much time spent choosing the right packaging now for our food.

I had a rather long conversation yesterday with the nutritionist at the chemo center. She mentioned a few interesting things.

-- She only buys frozen vegetables and only fruit that is locally grown and organic. So much of our fruit come from out of the country, especially from Chile. It must be picked before it is ripe and by the time it reaches our markets have lost most of the nutrients due to the shipping process.

-- She now buys Kosher meats if the choice is there instead of free range/hormone free etc. Animals raised for Kosher markets are not given hormones, eat grains etc. Kosher is more expensive than nonKosher meats but still cheaper than the free range/hormone free.

-- She makes her own tomato sauce. She didn't say it was because of the BPA but it very well could be.

I did buy frozen fruit from Costco. I wasn't that impressed with the flavor though. In fact, most of it came from Chile. When I mentioned that to her, she said it was probably picked when ripe, then flashed frozen and shipped so it probably still did have the nutrients. Who knows? Tonight I made pasta primavera with Costco's frozen Normandy blend vegetables...broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots and sliced yellow carrots...no preservatives or dyes. I have had the veggies before and my daughter uses them all of the time...they are absolutely the most tasty veggies ever!

I guess we all need to continue to read labels and unfortunately spend more time in the markets. I think I'll write down the info about the recycling numbers. I had no idea that existed.

Thanks so much for all the info you both provided.

Peace and Hope,


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and on the top was beautiful kitchen with take-out Chinese food on the stove.

Why are you buying prepacked food, don't have time to cook something simple?

Today I am not going to eat and I will continue as many days as possible. Our bodies are full of toxins from food, so I will let the system dry and saved energy used for cleaning.

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I always like your postings - cut to the chase and remind us to keep it simple and fresh. Oh, to go back to the days of our childhood before the TV dinner revolution!!!

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I`ve got no other choice. I was discharge from cancer centre in October only 14 months after treatment. Somebody wrote here about 3 slow growing and 2 fast uterine cancers, so I`ve got 2 fast and 1 slow.
Reading these comments life here was simple too. Our mothers used to preserve fruits and veggies all summer. Now is too convenient for us to buy everything ready to use. Why? Simple meal takes 30 minutes max. But how can I freshly prepare 3 meals a day if I`m working 18 hours or more? Life is full of compromises.
Believe it or not I didn't have microwave BC ( before Canada these 13 years ago ). I simple didn't want it, never used it for cooking, just re-heating. My co-workers cook, re-heat for many minutes and they are OK and I end up with cancer.
And canned food is sardines and tuna for me.

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Just caught up on some of printouts and read this one. Very interesting in deed! My oh my is all I can say, now on top of changing everything else must give up many canned products. If I think about it I don't eat that many during the fresh season months, mainly in the winter months.

The plastic bottles was addressed to me at my latest nutritional appt so now I'm watching it and using as much glass as I can. I need to get up on the number on bottles and start reading what are not good to use. But...re=heating in micro is a huge NO-NO.

Thanks again...


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