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Possible Underactive Thyroid?

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all out there:

First want to thank all of you for congrats on hubby's ent visit last week. Now, basketcase wife that I am, I have another question. Charlie is 14 months post radiation and 17 months post chemo. He had cataract surgery on May 3 and 17 (thinks it's nothing short of a miracle how well he sees now!) Cataracts probably brought on from chemo and radiation. He talked to the ENT last week about getting up several times during the night not being able to sleep; and of course he's easily tired, etc. etc. He works retail so a lot of his job does involve physical labor. ENT told him this was part of it, that it may be 2 to 3 years before he's back 100%. Now here's my question, I've read from time to time in this forum about thyroid problems cropping up after treatment and from what I've been able to glean from what I consider reputable web sites this is not unusual after radiation and as a matter of fact one of the websites listed radiation therapy as a cause for this. In addition to still being fatigued, he has gained some weight (which is fine as he has never been very big ever and when he saw the ENT last week he had gained 3 pounds; when he last saw the onc. in April he had lost 4 pounds from when he saw him in Feb. so weight gain is not a problem for Charlie! He needs to put on about 10 more pounds!) He also has constipation from time to time but is taking Phillips Colon Health (which by the way is a fantastic product!) He also takes Nexium for acid reflux (been on that about three years now). And he has had some headaches off and on since the cataract surgery; but his cataract checks have been great; pressures are fine. He does see the glaucoma specialist on June 28 (our 35th anniversary!) because the nerve in his left eye is a little stretched but this is just to be sure; they pretty much feel like it's probably always been that way since his pressures were all fine and he see's wonderfully better than 20/20 now as a matter of fact. Also he has no set routine at work; he may work two days 1-10; and then 10-6. He worked 1-10 yesterday and had to turn around and go in from 8 to 4 today. Anyway he sees both the reg. onc. and rad. onc. next Thursday and Friday for his regular check-ins and of course the reg. onc. always does blood work so I told him to be sure and ask him to test for underactive thyroid. He was going to start his Wellbutrion for quitting smoking today but decided to wait till tomorrow as he's supposed to take it twice a day and at least eight hours apart and not too close to bedtime; but since he'll probably be ready for a nap today when he gets home he's going to start that tomorrow. Any insight from anyone on this would be appreciated and of course your continued prayers. We marked another milestone as on Tuesday the 8th it was a year since he went back to work. Thanks as always.

Jan and Charlie Trinks

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Hi Jan

I'm comming up on a year post treatment and have been tested repeatedly but finally it went last week. apparently when it goes it goes. I posted about it last week. Find the post and read the responses. Seems fairly common and Dr. put me on levothyroxine .025 mg. once daily. Don't notice much change yet but I was the same way, just fatigued in the evening. They should test it every time he goes to Oncoman as well as your GP can test for it in the office on a routine check-up. My cousin who has never had cancer has suffered from underactive thyroid for twenty years and is on the same medication.

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At what levels did your TSH come back before they decided to put you on the meds..just curious? I've been getting tired or fatigued in the evenings as well. Next week will be the year post for me as well. I know my levels have slowly been getting higher. My TSH started at around 1.8, as of the tests last week that have crept up to 5.7. They say they aren't concerned at this point, but I had a test about six months ago and they were at 3.6 back then.


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