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swollen ankles after chemo finished

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Has anyone had any trouble with ankle swelling after chemo? Finished chemo April 23 and within a few weeks noticed some swelling around my ankels. It's still there. Onc asked a few questions about diet but didn't seem too concerned nor did he say it was due to the chemo. See him next week and will ask again.

Just wondering if this is part of the after chemo symptoms we get to experience.


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jo jo
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yes im experiencing this too, i finished chemo April 26th (3 days after you), i asked my family doctor cuz im having issues with my oncologist...but my family doc said the same, she asked about my diet and ruled that out, she didnt believe the tamoxifen was the cause so the only thing left was the chemo but since shes not an oncologist she couldnt explain why the chemo does this and said i really need to get another oncologist.
But my ankles look really funny...cuz they swell so much that my ankles overlap my socks and when u take off the socks it looks even funnier!! hehe!

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Yes, I had this too after chemo and during! A few treatments of Lasix did the job! I was on cytoxin and taxotere for chemo. Congrats on finishing your last chemo!


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jo jo
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What is Lasix? Cuz i was on cytoxin and taxotere also, but they said during chemo my swelling was from the steriods...but now its been almost 6 weeks since my last chemo and its worse now. With out this Lasix how long does the swelling stick around?

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