Meningioma Front Tempural Lobe - Newly diagnosed

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Last September I was referred to a Neurologist for problems I was experiencing after taking the drug Reglan for nausea from chemo for breast cancer. A brain MRI was done, and a meningioma was found. The Neuro felt it was not anything to worry about. I have since changed Neurologists, and three months after seeing the new doctor, I get a call from his office saying he wants to order an EEG to check on whether I am having seizure activity caused by the memingioma. This was an unexpected call, as the new Neurologist kind of "poo-pooed" the meningioma off when I first saw him. I am concerned that he has requested this EEG, and wonder if this is routine or something to worry about. I am two years and two months out of surgery for b/c, and so far no recurrence. Help! Hugs to all, Judy


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    Judy, I have multiple mengiomas that have "spread" or compressed to other locations in the brain beside the one where it should be. Mine are in my sinuses, wrapped around my left optic nerve, located at the optic nerve chiasm and around my carotid artery.

    Please, please, please, get a 2nd/3rd or even 4th opinion about this. Any doctor that does not take their patients seriously about issues that are going on with brain tumors are not worth your time and/or your money or energy.

    You can't bet the quality of your health and/or your life based on what a neuro who "poo-poos" an idea thinks.

    As for the seizure activity, that is not uncommon dependent on where the tumors are located.

    Please don't wait. Get another opinion. Travel to a different part of the country if you need to. You need, and deserve, a fresh set of eyes and ears to discover what is truly going on.

    Good luck!