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PET scan looks great!

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I had a PET scan last Friday and got a call from my oncologist's office today. They said everything looked great on the scan, no problems, no evidence of cancer! What a relief!

I was diagnosed last August after a colonoscopy which found a tumor, and then colon resection surgery. I'm stage IIIb. I had 12 treatments of FOLFOX starting in September and finally finishing two months ago in April--it took that long because I had some postponements of treatments along the way due to low WBC count and low platelets.

This was my first post-chemo scan and I've been anxious, worrying about starting off this summer with more chemo treatments and/or surgery. I'm so relieved to know that everything's okay so far!

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doesn't it? Hopefully the first of forevermore clear scans.....steve

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hurrah hurrrayyy...good stuff

that is such good news and no more oxy :) :)

well done

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Now go do the happy nekkid NED dance! Great news!

I was diagnosed with colonoscopy last August, resection, but didn't start chemo till October after problems with an infected port. (Stage IIIc or IV, never fully determined.) I finished FOLFOX in April too. I just got my news of NED two weeks ago. Isn't it wonderful to be done with chemo and NED?!!!!

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So glad to hear your "all clear" good scan news!

Lisa :)

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What wonderful news you got. You can now go out and celebrate.


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Fabulous!!! I'm so glad for you!!


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and have a great summer!

all the best, Leslie

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Whew! A BIG relief! Congrats!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

Fight for my love
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Congrats.I am happy for you.

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Great News! Have a wonderful summer.
By the way, I love the picture of you and the dog.

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This is great news! Congratulations; I hope you are celebrating big time!

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Joined: Mar 2010

for your congratulations and good wishes! I know that you all REALLY know just how it feels to wait for results, and how relieved I was to get the good news! I wish everyone could get a scan report like mine.

Erin, thank you for commenting on the picture of me and my basset hound Buddy. He was diagnosed with nasal cancer just as I started chemo last September, and he passed away in October. He was very special to me and I still miss him a lot.

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ahh that is rough news about Buddy. I am sure you still miss him a great deal....it is so hard with pets....they are so special....

I lost my cat about 6 years ago and I still miss her and feel the pain


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Here's hoping for the same results every time!!


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