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hope this question is ok to ask

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Has anyone tried/used ky liquid beads? They say they are hormone free and can work for up to 4 days to help with dryness. I bought them but have been afraid to try. I have one of my 3 month follow ups tomorrow so will ask if they are safe as far as hormones. Thanks for any responses as I know this is a very small question compared to some of the major ones on this board. Stephanie

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I think all KY products are okay for us. My gyne-onc may be a bit controversial for this Board, but he prescribes hormone cream for all women who have had brachy therapy. He says the amount of hormones you get from the cream is so minimal and that if your cancer is not ER+ or PR+ (and most grade 3 cancers are ER- and PR-) then a hormone cream can allow you to have a vibrant normal sex life like nothing else sold over the counter. My cancer was determined to be 'moderately ER+ and PR-, and he still wants me to use the hormone cream. At first I was afraid to use it, and even now I use just a dab on my dilator once a week instead of the larger amount he suggested I squirt up there 3 times a week. (I use AstroGlide or KY on the dilator the other days.) But my gyne-onc's contention is that the tearing from intercourse is more harmful in the long haul than using the hormone cream that prevents that thinning of your tissue. It's a quality of life decision, I guess. Certainly if you know your cancer is estrogen receptive negative (ER-)(for instance UPSC is a Type 2 ER- cancer) you may want to consider the prescription hormone cream. Like I said, this is a controversial choice I've made. But with all the radiation I've had, I know that my cancer is MUCH more likely to matastacize in DISTANT locations (like it has in my lymph nodes) than it is to recur on the vaginal cuff. And now that my cancer has probably recurred (I may have confirmation of that on Thursday), life is too short for sex not to be fun! Just my opinion.

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Just a brief comment, you may want to stopped using any cream a day or two before getting a PAP smear. I have read and also experience that sometimes you can get an abnormal reading on PAP smears. I had used cream on my dialator the day before my PAP smear, and I got an abnormal reading, on my next PAP smear I didn't use any cream for a couple of days prior to my PAP smear and it was normal. Although it could have been just a coincidence. Abnormal readings can be from also having brachytherapy.

I'm with Linda. Have fun!

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Thanks Kaleena, I will avoid until after my pap. It is always so nerve wrecking going for a pap and waiting for the results.

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Thanks Linda, Mine is I believe estrogen receptive. The KY works great as I have not had radiation but I think maybe the lquid bead would help so as not to have to use as much of the ky. I agree that the small risk is worth it to be able to enjoy "life". I am sorry to hear of a possible recurrence. That is everyones fear. I have been reading your posts and you are so inspirational. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Stephanie

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I use a brand named Replens. It is estrogen free and is supposed to help with healthy cell growth. Love the product!

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Astroglide is what I use and find I like it better than KY. I agree with Linda, we need to enjoy our sex.

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