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Asking for help

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Paula G.
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Joined: Apr 2009

I haven't posted here before. I have read many of the posts and answers.
I do have to ask for prayers, good thoughts, good vibes. What ever your thing is. I do believe it all helps.
John has a CT Thursday and we will see his Onc on Friday. His CEA has been creeping up and I know that isn't a good sign.
I myself do believe in God but I am not a chruch goer.
I posted on this board because I feel it is the place to ask for extra good thoughts, prayers ect. You have all helped me (us) in many many ways. Thanks in advance, Paula

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Hello Paula, it will be my honor to lift John in prayer. I am sorry to hear that his CEA has been creeping up as I can only imagine how scared you all are. I myself have had breast cancer three times and know the fear it strikes in us, but hold on to the fact that there is always hope and with each year that passes the treatments improve and we inch closer to the cure.

Again Hugs,


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Glenna M
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Paula, I will keep you and your husband in my prayers and I'm sending good vibes and good thoughts your way.

Stay strong and believe.


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John (and yourself) are often in my thoughts. Good positive thoughts are non-denominational in my opinion. I hope that everything will be in balance for John and that his CT scan results are very good. I hope that his care continues to be excellent and that you are feeling more strength to help him through this.

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Paula G.
Posts: 596
Joined: Apr 2009

I agree with you on this one also. Good positive thoughts are non-denominational Thanks

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I hope everything will be fine. Positive thoughts sent your way. ((Hugs)).

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God bless and be with you both, believe and all things are possible.

Will keep you & John in my prayers

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Paula G.
Posts: 596
Joined: Apr 2009

Thanks so much. I appreciate all of you. I really,really do.Paula

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I believe in it as well Paula....prayers, positive energies, etc....has helped me in my journey. I also have a scan next week. My first since my liver resection and am scared and anxious....so I'll exchange VIBES with you :) ???

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Paula G.
Posts: 596
Joined: Apr 2009

You got it! All my best to you. Let me know how it turns out. Paula

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I'll gladly pray for John and for you, too, Paula!

God bless,

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