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has anyone had a tumor in the foot. Esp. on bottom of foot near heel?

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I have a Ewing's sacoma in my right heel bone. Went in for a sore ankle and they found the tumor using CT scan, xrays, and biospy. I was on crutches for a week before biospy and am still on crutches. I have been told I will be on them for at least 6 months. I can't drive so that has really been hard since I am very active. They are afraid my heel bone will collaspe. I see the oncologist of Thursday. I have always been in great health, no surgeries or illness and never expected this. ( I guess no one does) Had a CT scan done on my lungs today to see if the cancer has spread, will know on Thursday. I will also be told what the treatment will be. I have been told that a heel tumor is rare and Ewing's is usually found in children and young adults, I am 55. Hope that this helps.

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had xray they said every thing fine same for the lump on shoulder. I asked the radiologist if all tumors like sarcomascan be picked up on xrays he said no alot cant well isnt that reassuring. But anyway thank you for replying Im hoping that the test turn ot fine and no more problems for you please let me know wht they say.

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I don't know if you have had anymore tests on the lump, but you really should press the issue with your doctor or see another one. I had a lump on the bottom of my foot at the base of the big toe. 2 podatrists said it was just a cyst. I had surgery on the same foot for a bunion & they also removed the "cyst". She sent it for tests even though she said it looked fine & was not cancer. 15 days later the results were clear cell sarcoma & I have an appointment with a sarcoma specialist in Pittsburgh, Pa. I also had numerous x-rays before the surgery & they did not show the cancer. Unfortunatly, I had to have 1/2 of my foot amputated, but it had not spread anywhere else. 5 months after the 2nd surgery, I was back to work. It could have been much worse, if I hadn't found out when I did! Scans need to be done, not x-rays. Hope this helps.

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