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Post melanoma - small lung nodules, thyroid nodules

Tracey Lynn
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I had a mole removed from my back 11 years ago, no lymph nodes removed. I was told to check my lungs yearly, but once I was past 5 years I was considered cured. It scared me terribly, as I had young twins and was a single mother.

Through the years, my lung x-rays and mammos have all been clear, and I've felt sort of stupid to use up my insurance money checking for cancer year after year. One doctor said, "You are trying to find something that doesn't exist." I said No, I was trying to check up on something that could exist. Dope.

Anyway, two years ago an ultrsound found nodules of "innumerable number" in my thyroid. Seven of them have grown, though very slowly. My endocrinologist feels they are fluid filled, of no consequence, and refused to biopsy them.

Last month I had knee surgery with shortness of breath. Surgeon ordered a chest CT to check for clots (none) and the CT shows 4 lung nodules. All four are small, one is calcified. Size 2.3mm to 4.8mm

I also have a small spot on Right kidney, too small to biopsy.
I have several large cysts on ovaries, gyno wants to "watch" them. What, explode?

My age is 51 and I am generally healthy. I am terrified I am in the early stages of lung mets. I have an appt this week with primary MD to get a referral to an oncologist. I feel like if I quit going to specialists...endocrynologist, nephrologist, gyno, pulmonary I will be able to get someone to look at the whole picture instead of just a single organ with mild to little issue. I've lost 25 lbs in the last 6 months with no effort, diet change or explanation. I was thrilled with wt loss, but now it concerns me as a sign of cancer.

My question is, what size were your lung nodules before a doctor considered them of interest? I see many with nodules of several centimeters, but must I wait for them to grow before anyone considers the possibility my melanoma is back? I'm thinking I'd like a PET scan, but is there something else that might be more helpful? My husband is scared to death, but his reaction is to spin it all into "happy" chat. I have nobody to talk to who will just be honest and discuss it openly. A good friend of mine is battling lung cancer and it's been horrific to watch.

Thank you for your support in any way.

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