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Just venting - but -

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I was at the grocery store the other day and at the checkout I was asked if I would contribute to the Prostate Cancer drive. At another place it was for breast cancer. Then colon cancer. I'm headed for my next set of scans for followup of metastic RCC and it was like my last nerve had been mashed! I said "when other not-so-popular cancers get their day, I'm done contributing"! The poor woman who was checking me out didn't understand, I apologized to HER, but have to say that I spoke the truth! I'm a breast cancer survivor too but HEY! What about RCC? What about things like liver cancer, melanoma, sarcoma, esophageal cancer - and the list goes on! Is it because the outcomes for all of these is so iffy that they don't think the public wants to hear about them???? Where's the big research grants for RCC?? Or some of these other 'non-popular' cancers? Where are the big charitable organizers for these cancers? OK OK - I'm just ranting here but I have to say it really ticks me off! AND YES I'm not contributing another dime to any money raising cancer group until OURS gets a little face time too!!!

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I've felt the same way more than once. Safeway does Breast, Prostate, March of Dimes and one other charity each year. When we say something, people may notice. Good Luck

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The good news is that we belong to a very small club with only 3 % of the Cancers being diagnosed as Kidney Cancer. Let us keep it that way and not make a big deal about the more popular cancers getting more attention.

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i agree with you that there is practically no public attention given to kidney cancer. even the medical sites say there is no treatment for this type of RCC, or we don't know enough about this type of RCC. well,WHY NOT? i guess a famous person has to get it before it gets any attention. and as far as the medical community goes i don't understand why you wouldn't want to do more research and trials on a little studied cancer to find a viable treatment then to keep studying the same cancers. i am also a breast cancer survivor (5 years this weekend Yeah for me) and even with this disease (bc) with all the money raised and research why can't they say we can cure this cancer. and i truly believe that the reason there are so few cases of RCC diagnosed is because we are not doing routine tests to check for it, like we do with mammograms and pap smears and colonscopies and prostate blood test for men. mine was found on an ultrasound for something else. i'm not saying i want more people to have RCC just that it seems the cancers or other diseases that get the attention are the ones that are diagnosed in high numbers of people. with mammograms they can find really small cancers (when its curable)which is why the incidence of bc is going up but, Thank GOD, the death rate going down. why not use this model for other cancers as well. OK so i had my rant for the day too.
on a happier note, i had my 6 month bloodwork and scans in may and they were all clear, Praise Jesus. like i said june 13 will be 5 years clear with my breast cancer, i also had my 6 month with my breast surgeon and he said everything looked fine. every year to celebrate we go out for a lobster dinner.
so i'm enjoying every day especially a day like today that is sunny and warm. i was just outside walking barefoot on the grass playing with my dog.
wishing us all continued good health and all of GOD's blessings.

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