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Question about nadir

hopeful girl 1
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I am alittle confused about nadir. I head the materials for taxol and carboplatin and one has nadir 10-14 and the other 15-21. Does that mean that between the two drugs our nadir period (weakened cell counts) are from the 10th day to the day before the next chemo (when chemos are every three weeks?)

Is this the period when we should avoid crowds etc?

I am curious what others have done? I am concerned about how much to go out (leave house) or to be with other people or go out to dinner during this time?
I am on disability at work right now, which is probably best because our office passes around a lot of colds and coughs each year and I tend to catch a few times a year. So that would be too dangerous for me. But I am concerned about going to stores, or going to a restaurant etc. It's hard to be a total hermit.

I have a friend, a guy who went thru a certain cancer and chemo and he would only go to store during day when less crowded, and would not have people over-if there was a party he would go only if party was outside as he felt it was safer with other people when open and outside.

Please advise. Thanks all and happiness and healing to all.

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Unless your neutrofils have been really low, you don't need to be a hermit even during your nadir period. Each time you have labs, ask your oncologist how your neutrofils are and whether you need to be extra careful between this chemo and the next. Up your hand-washing, regardless, and stay away from people you know are sick, and carry and use hand sanitizer. But you may be safe to be out and about if your neutrofils haven't been really tanking, expecially if you get Neulasta and Neupogen shots. When I was getting chemo I wore a mask during nadir when I absolutely had to go out during flu season. But summer chemo probably isn't as scary and dangerous as winter chemo when everyone is coughing or sneezing.

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010

What are neutrofils? Are those the white cell counts or white cell fighters?

Also, what I am confused about is that one drug is day 10-14 and the other is 15-21, so are you in nadir from the 10th day after chemo until the next chemo? And does the day you have chemo count as day 1?

Thank you!

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How was the cruise???


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