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Interferon recall ?

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First let me say hello to all, and also say I wish I had known about this site while I was taking my treatments. I was wondering if anyone had any more information on the interferon recall ??? I have tried every avenue I can think of to get some info, with no results. All they have told me is.... they don't know what the risks to the patient are and to contact my Oncologist (who knows nothing at all about what I'm talking about) I only found out about the recall by searching the FDA's web site last week. They provided the lot numbers for the "impure batches" after researching further I have found that the last 5 months of my treatments (04/22/09 thru 09/01/09) were filled out of these impure batches. The part that scares me is that my tolerance for the treatments took a noticeable turn for the worse coinciding with my introduction to the impure batches. I am still so weak, tired and suffering from extreme mood swings that I cannot function, even though I am 10 months out of treatment. Is it normal for people to be incapacitated this long after treatment ?


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Hi John, It is alarming to read this. I am out of treatment since March 2010 .
I did not now of this recall but if you can provide information as to how to research this it would be appreciated .
Yes, I am so tired and at two months after treatment (5 days per week. for 4 wks.) I started losing my hair. Noticeable and about half the amount. I am not bald and have been told I would not lose my hair completely . I refused further treatment taking three shots a week for a year because I knew it would really alter my health and life.
How are you now? Thanks for reading this.

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