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atypical Spitz mole melanoma

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My daughter has recently been diagnosed with melanoma. Her mole was on the back of her thigh. It was removed. 1.45mm thickness. The sentinel nodes were removed in her leg and groin (2). One positive node was found in her groin area. The cancer cluster was .05mm. More lymph nodes were removed, total of 7. All were benign. The mole was atypical Spitz mole, almost always benign. The numbers don't really match up. They say she is in Stage IIIa . Interferon is suggested by doctors to start soon. Just not sure. Her cancer is so unusual. What about fertility after using interferon??? Any help would be appreciated. She is only 21 years old.

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Hi. I currently have the same fertility question and would love to find an answer that had some sort of statistic. It would be better than "maybe" you can get pregnant. I was also 21 when I was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic melanoma. It started as a mole on my foot and I also had one positive lymph node in my groin. I did one year of interferon. Has she started that yet? The first month was really bad for me, but after that, I started giving myself shots at home and it was better. I stayed in school during it; I was just exhausted and kind of "fuzzy" all the time. It has been 8 years now. About 3 months ago they removed an atypical spitz mole from my back, but when they went back for more, there was no sign of anything. So, overall, I think interferon was the right choice for me. But now I just turned 30 and I'm hoping to have a baby, but would like to find out what sort of chances I have after interferon. I hope everything goes well for your daughter. I wish I could tell you more, but know that it's something that can definitely be beat.

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We have a pug too!! Hope things are going well for you!! Thanks for responding. My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer after my daughter, so it has been a rough year. Just letting you know she completed the interferon--one year 4 week intense high dose then the shots 3x a week. She had a great attitude and great support from friends. It was tough,but she was determined. Her scans came out all clear last week, so official in remission 5 year count down. Thanks again!!!

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