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Staples in Breast

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Hi everyone.When I had my mamogram today the lady doing it said I had several staples left in my Breast.I was never told this,but I still can not lay on that side.is it common to leave staples like that when you have surgery?I had a lumpecktomy.Its weird to find that out after soon to be a year.

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A year later, you have staples? OMG My plastic surgeon used stitches on the inside that dissolved, so, there would be almost no scar, which there isn't. So sorry


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When the surgeon did the needle biopsy prior to my lumpectomy, she put "clips" in place to mark the area of the tumor, I suppose for furture mammograms. Do you suppose the technician could have been referring to something like that in your case?

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I also had clips put in the location of my tumor when a biopsy was done. This was for after chemo treatment if the tumor had disappeared they could locate the exact area where it originated.

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My surgeon left tiny titanium clips during my lumpectomies to mark the tumor sites for future mammograms, so that the radiologists who read the films will be able to tell where the tumors were, where they can expect to see scar tissue from the surgery, etc.

I had multiple tiny tumors in both breasts -- when I had my first post-treatment mammogram, the technician called me over to the computer screen to look, and we counted about 30 clips total -- it's like a Clip Party in there!

You should definitely talk with your surgeon if you're still having pain, just to be sure -- but, I'm also almost a year out of surgery, and I still have occasional achiness in the breast where the most surgery was done. My surgeon says that is normal.


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I had inside stitches done by my plastic surgeon for my lumpectomy. They did put one titanium chip in me after the core biopsy to mark the site of suspicion for future mammos. But, it was removed with the tumor and surrounding tissue when I had the lumpectomy, so, it is gone.

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