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BCC Without Melanoma?

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I just had two BCCs treated. Now I'm reading all these posts from people who had BCC,
and then went on to develop melanoma. My heart goes out to you guys, but it would be really nice to hear from some people who did not have this happen. I am really scared.


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My husband, at the age of 58 had BCC / MOHS surgery for it August 08, no melanoma or other BCC have appeared... I hope this helps. He grew up in So Cal and has had an active outdoor life, so...

Blessings to all,

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i was diagnosed and treated for superficial basal cell carcinoma when i was 32, and 4 years on, have not had anything even slightly suspicious show up in checks...
my aunty has had countless bcc and squamous cell cancers removed from her face and body, as she used to roast her pale skin in baby oil in her youth (i never did that) yet she has had no melanoma...
i know of a number of 30 something friends who have had melanoma, but no other types of skin cancer previously too...
be vigilant and sunsafe, and have your regular checks and even if something did develop at some stage, they will catch it early, as you are vigilant...

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