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boosting immune system

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Hi all I have a question what is good as far as vitamin's and other things that is good for boosting the immune system and what kind of excercise would some of you recommend to start off with thank you and God bless

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I will send you a PM on some stuff you can do as it is too long to put on this post.

Take care and God be with you.

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Walmart generic multi vitamins with iron for the red blood cells. As far as exercise what kind of shape were you in prior to diagnosis? You could pick up with the same type of exercises at lower doses, distances, weights, whatever. I was a marathon runner in my forties and 10 months post treatment tomorrow I'm running a 6K race. I was heavy so always ran slow, 10 min. miles. I'm now 45 lbs lighter and am only able to achieve 13 min. miles. I'm also in my fifties now.

I also weight trained prior to diagnosis and could bench press my own body weight around 200 lbs. Immediately following treatment I couldn't move the lone bar off the bench. Today I was able to lift 135lbs. Do whatever you did before but very moderately and your body will tell you when to step it up. I really just enjoy walking for thirty minutes most days.

Exercise is an important factor physically to get muscle tone back and is a tremendous psychological boost as you progress. I figure if it comes back it can't hurt to be in the best shape possible. If you ever read Lance Armstongs book you will recall that walking to the mailbox was initially a struggle. Best of luck to you. One foot in front of the other!

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PM me too

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Hi Hondo,
We are very interested in keeping cancer out of our lives with nutrition. We've already begun eating more raw and whole foods. For the most part we are eating very 'clean' and organic. Any advice you have in this area is very welcom and appreciated. I do not know how to PM someone, but added you to my friend list. Can you contact me on what you have discovered nutrionally? Thank you so much.

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Hi S31,

Please go my 'Expressions' page as i have a list and explanation of all the supplements I am using for immune boosting. It seems to be working well as i haven't had so much as a sniffle since I started and my wife and 2 little kids have all been sick with very bad colds and and flu, and I have done 5 international flights in high density populations (= increased risk of catching bugs).

While the standard Vitamin C, Multi-Vitamins are fine to take, you really should be advised by a qualified health practitioner (sorry but NOT your doctor). I use a good team of Naturopaths. There is also a wide range of quality in Vitamin/Supplement brands. I also have IM shots of Vitamin C & B Complex for 2 weeks in the second month out of treatment and that seemed to give my a boost. This was administered by a German MD who was also a Naturopath.


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I cant seem to see the "list and explanation of all the supplements ..using":
on your expressions page?

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Glenna M
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I was told by the nutritionist at the cancer center where I received my treatment to not waste my money on the brand name vitamins with antioxidants. She said any multivitamin that you take daily would be sufficient but she said to make sure it has the US Pharmacopia seal on the bottle. This verifies that it has been tested and actually has all the promised vitamins and minerals. I was surprised when she told me that many vitamins on the market are not tested and they DO NOT have half of what is listed on the label.

I think walking is one of the best exercises anyone can do ;-) I love to walk as I live in the country on a back road and I see so much beauty everyday on my walks. Start off gradually and increase your distance whenever you feel it won't overtire you. I also started using small hand and ankle weights to improve my strength and am hoping it will eventually bring back some of the muscle I lost after treatment.

Just remember, slow and steady will get you the results you want faster, you don't want to push it until you are in pain. Sorry, after treatment is not a good time to believe in the "no pain - no gain" rule ;-)

Good luck and God bless - Glenna

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D Lewis
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I asked my oncologist to refer me to a physical therapist for a review of range of motion and body strength in my neck and shoulders. I'm also going to ask about exercises. I believe I will do better at the start if a professional shows me exactly what to do. I'm now almost four weeks post treatment, and feeling lively enough that it should do some good.


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Hi Survivor,

I have sent you a PM but not sure if was sent properly. Here is a list of what I take, but again, I suggest you do this in concert with a professional.

Vitamin C (1-2g/day)
Vitamin B Complex
Multi-Viamin High Potency
Omega 3,6,9 oils (2 caps)= CFA = Comlex Fatty Acids
L- Glutamine (1-2 tsp a day)
Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP)
Lipoic Acid
Co Q10 (Digestive enzyme)
Tumeric (in Cap form)
Reishi & Shitake (Mushroom)
Cordyceps (Mushroom)
Vit D (Only Sometimes as it is an immunosuppressant)
Echinacea (1 tsp in glass water)


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